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List of manufactures of available optical Tracking Systems. If you know products or projects not listed here, add them to the list or send email to arforum@arforum.in.tum.de

Infrared Tracking

Advanced Realtime Tracking GmbH passive, active dTrack, Camerasystem ARTrack1/2, SmARTTrack
Northern Digital (NDI) passive, active Polaris, Optotrack, Vicra
Naturalpoint passive Optitrack
Inoptech    (angekündigt)
Axios3D   CamBar Coordinate Measurement System
Fraunhofer IGD   PTrack related to the IGD Marker Tracking
RevXperts active 3D Creator based on IGT FlashPoint?: 3 linear CCD cameras
Vicon Peak active Peak Motus Motion Capture
Metris active K-Series, iGPS CMM, 3 linear CCD cameras
GOM mbH   ATOS 1/2/3 CMM
AXIOS 3D Services GmbH passive CamBar CMM
AICON 3D Systems passive ProCam, TraceCam CMM

Marker-Based Tracking

Human Interface Technology Lab (HITLab) ARToolkit GNU General Public License (GPL)  
Mixed Reality Lab Singapore MXR Toolkit GNU General Public License (GPL) by Adrian David Cheok; includes 3D Live Capturing System
Metaio Unifeye SDK commercial IE Plugin
Inoptech MatraX - Marker Tracking commercial by Prof. Dorfmüller-Ulhaas
Institute for Information Technology, Canada ARTag commercial by Mark Fiala
ARVIKA IGD Marker Tracking commercial available to ARVIKA Partners
Siemens Corporate Research SCR marker tracking   on request

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