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Campar FAQ

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Visual Studio


Why does the XML Node not write my modifications to the XML file?

The this->writeXML(); creates a backup file filename.xml.bak . If this backup file already exists you will either have to delete or rename it. Alternatively you can call this->writeXML(false); . Be aware! No backup file will be created.


Are there any coding guidelines?

In the SVN (src\guidelines) there is a working document for coding guidelines. Please modify the document and send any recommendations or modifications to .

Is there a list with all available devices?

Run doxygen to generate the documentation. All classes derived form device are usable. There are InputDevices and OutputDevices. The purpose, usage, and limitations of each class is documented.

Error message: Missing header file after the latest checkout.

Update also the 3rdParty folder. There might exist a new external library or an old one was renamed. Always update the entire path of the source code and 3rd party code. If the error still occures one developer forgot to commit his newly created files. Exclude the file from build and notify the author to include the missing files.


If you need a user manual - there is no user manual. If you need documentation - there is no documentation. If you really need documentation - read the source code.

How do I have to document my code?

Please follow the doxygen coding guidelines. A good example file for documentation is AVIForOSDevice.


What are existing applications?

See CamparApplications for a list and incomplete documentation of all CampAR applications. Please contribute to make it a complete list/documentation.

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