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Setup CAMPAR for development

This Howto describes how to set up the medical augmented reality framework CAMPAR for development using Microsoft Visual Studio VS9/2008. Questions, comments and questions are welcome.

This page is outdated -- TobiasReichl - 14 Jun 2011

Get third-party libraries

  • Get a current copy of the "3rdparty_vs9" folder at "\\campdata\public".

Get and build CAMPAR

  • Checkout the CAMPAR SVN repository
  • Execute campsrc.bat in your CAMP source folder
  • Open CAMPAR/vs/CAMPAR.sln.
  • Build your projects and have fun.

Special notes on some plugins

  • (none)

General Notes

  • If you get errors like "The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem", you've probably got some libraries that were compiled against MS VC8 and pull in dependencies on libraries that are no longer present with MS VC9. In this case the Dependency Walker might be a great tool to track down which library.Another reason might be non-matching runtime versions for your Visual Studio installation and 3rdparty DLL's. Even if everything was built with MS VC8 or MS VC9, due to service packs or hotfixes the C/C++ runtimes can be different. Use Dependency Walker to find the problematic DLL, determine the version of the C/C++ runtime the DLL is linked with and check your Visual Studio C/C++ runtime version.

  • Note: people regularly forget defining inter-project dependencies via "Project Dependencies..." for their projects, so please spare some seconds to add missing dependencies if you find any.

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