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Have a look at DwarfUbitrackMigration to learn how the PoseData structure changed.


Position and Orientation of an object; needs DwarfCommon?. Used by lot of services.

PoseData consists of the following fields as defined in PoseData.idl:

  • double position[3], position in meters (cartesian coordinates)
  • double orientation[4] orientation (quaternions): x y z w
  • Time timestamp, the time this position was valid

Q:: big question: does it make sence to integrate also a scaling factor? for the virtual object registration in the ProjectHeart this makes sence due to different scaling in the model and real world ART coordinate system. -- Jörg Traub - 25 Sept 2003

The following fields should be identical to the attributes of the PoseData ability. Thus, a single receiver for multiple PoseData events can differentiate between incoming events based on either the values within the events themselves or based on the session it receives them on. -- AsaMacWilliams - 07 Jan 2004

  • ThingID id, the Thing we are observing
  • ThingType type, the Type of Thing

The following fields are so far not really used by most services and are probably subject to change at some point.

  • double positionAccuracy, absolute error in meters. Note: negative accuracies will be interpreted as infinitely unaccurate!
  • double orientationAccuracy, average absolute error in radians

Q:: big question: where is the reference coordinate system? did we loose this at some point? -- MartinBauer - 22 Jul 2003

Known Issues

  • make sure to explicitly set values for each and every entry in the data structure, or you will potentially crash other services. If you are a skilled hacker, or if you are simply bored one rainy november weekend, you may be able use this to create a buffer overflow attack. -- Main.Main.MartinBauer - 09 Sep 2003

Attributes to PoseData Abilities

Not yet used. This is Design from the Dwarf-Studierstube workshop. -- MartinBauer - 24 Jul 2003

  • attribute name="ThingID", the Thing we are observing
  • attribute name="ThingType", the Type of Thing
  • attribute name="RelativeTo", the Parent Coordinate System

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