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Computational Sonography

Computational Sonography

Scientific Director: Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab

Contact Person(s): Dr. Christoph Hennersperger

Keywords: Medical Imaging, Ultrasound, IFL


3D ultrasound imaging has high potential for various clinical applications, but often suffers from high operator-dependency and the directionality of the acquired data. State-of-the-art systems mostly perform compounding of the image data prior to further processing and visualization, resulting in 3D volumes of scalar intensities. This work presents computational sonography as a novel concept to represent 3D ultrasound as tensor instead of scalar fields, mapping a full and arbitrary 3D acquisition to the reconstructed data. The proposed representation compactly preserves significantly more information about the anatomy-specific and direction-depend acquisition, facilitating both targeted data processing and improved visualization. We show the potential of this paradigm on ultrasound phantom data as well as on clinically acquired data for acquisitions of the femoral, brachial and antebrachial bone. Further investigation will consider additional compact directional-dependent representations on the one hand and on the other hand modify Computational Sonography from working on B-Mode images to RF-envelope statistics, motivated by the statistical process of image formation. We will show the advantages of the proposed improvements on simulated ultrasound data, phantom and clinically acquired ultrasound data.

Detailed Project Description

C. Hennersperger, M. Baust, D. Mateus, N. Navab Computational Sonography MICCAI 2015, the 18th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention C. Hennersperger, D. Mateus, M. Baust, N. Navab
A Quadratic Energy Minimization Framework for Signal Loss Estimation from Arbitrarily Sampled Ultrasound Data Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention, MICCAI 2014, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 8674, 2014, pp 373-380 N. Rieke, C. Hennersperger, D. Mateus, N. Navab
Ultrasound Interactive Segmentation with Tensor-Graph Methods IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), Beijing, China, April 2014


Figure 1: Reconstruction Comparison. (left) Conventional reconstruction from arbitrarily sampled vascular ultrasound data obtained by backward-interpolation using median compounding. (middle) Absolute value of the trace of the reconstructed tensors. (right) Tensors visualized as colored ellipses. Note that the trace image nicely resembles the high intensities of the boundary and that tensors align with the global orientation of the imaged structures.
Figure 2: Comparison of 3D Reconstructions - Real Data: Transverse (column 1) and longitudinal (column 3) slices for median compounding and similarly for the absolute value of the tensor trace of our reconstruction (columns 2,4) from a rotational scan of the Brachial bone. Note that conventional compounding depicts mainly the bone structure, while our reconstruction better resembles the overall structures in the volume.


Contact Person(s)

Christoph Hennersperger
Dr. Christoph Hennersperger

Working Group

Diana Mateus
Prof. Diana Mateus
Maximilian Baust
Dr. Maximilian Baust
Rüdiger Göbl
M.Sc. Rüdiger Göbl


Christoph Hennersperger
Dr. Christoph Hennersperger


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