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MedInnovate: From unmet clinical needs to solution concepts

MedInnovate: From unmet clinical needs to solution concepts

Contact Person(s): Julia Rackerseder

Keywords: Surgical Workflow, Medical Imaging, Computer-Aided Surgery, IFL


Learn how to successfully identify unmet clinical needs within the clinical routine and work towards possible and realistic solutions to solve those needs. Students will get to know tools helping them to be successful innovators in medical technology. This will include all steps from needs finding and selection to defining appropriate solution concepts, including the development of first prototypes. Get introduced to necessary steps for successful idea and concept creation and realize your project in an interdisciplinary teams comprising of physicists, informations scientists and business majors. During the project phase, you are supported by coaches from both industry and medicine, in order to allow for direct and continuous exchange.

Detailed Project Description

The following key points are the focus of the MedInnovate project:

Needs finding
An unmet clinical need as a requirement from clinical practice which is not solved or not satisfactory in today's clinical routine.
Introduction to succesful observation and identification of clinical needs in practice.
Observe clinical practice and collect problems and complexities in today's medicine.

Concept generation
How to select promising needs from a collected list.
How to perform a productive brainstorming with people to find all crazy ideas.
From brainstorming to concept

Concept evaluation and selection.
Prototype development and evaluation.
Strategic planning and development.

Evolving your concept
Evaluate your concept with respect to feasibility and performance.
Construct and advance a concept prototype.
Test prototype in a real setting.

Working in interdisciplinary teams
4-5 team members.
Each team will be consisting of interdisciplinary members (medical, business/economics, informatics, engineers, physicists, chemists, etc.)


Figure 1: Workflow followed by the MedInnovate project with clinical observation, needs evaluation, conception, and implementation.
Figure 2: Key importance points for a sucessful brainstorming with your team
Figure 3: Presentation and getting to know each other for brainstorming session


Contact Person(s)

Julia Rackerseder
Julia Rackerseder

Working Group

Beatrice Demiray
M.Sc. Beatrice Demiray
Christoph Hennersperger
Dr. Christoph Hennersperger
Julia Rackerseder
Julia Rackerseder
Nassir Navab
Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab


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