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Assessment of molecular dynamics in brain tissue through accelerated diffusion and exchange imaging

In medical collaboration with:
Max Plank Institute of Psychiatry

In academic collaboration with:

Scientific Director: Prof. Dr. Bjoern Menze

Contact Person(s): Miguel Molina Romero

In industrial collaboration with:
General Electric Global Research

Keywords: IBBM: image acquisition


Diffusion of water molecules and spin-spin relaxation can be measured, in vivo, through MRI. These measurements contain information of the underlying tissue microstructure and thus, they are of interest. In this project we want to, first, assess these two contrasts within a clinical feasible time, using a modified pulse sequence and an accelerated acquisition scheme based on compressed sensing. Second, develop a model, or adapt an existing one, that allows one to extract tissue microstructural information out of the measurements. And third, validate the meaning of this information for brain diseases and brain plasticity in clinical and research environments.


Figure 1: Measurement of the Axon distribution in the optic and ciatic nerves using the AxCaliber? method (Assaf et al, MRM 2008). Diffusion data contains information of the microstructure, as can be observed in the figure.
Figure 2: The DSI acquisition allows one to recover the ensemble average propagator with no model assumptions. However this is extremly time consuming and therefore not suitable for several repetition scans in volunteers or patients. Nevertheless, the compressed sensing technique reduce the scannning time as shown by Menzel (Menzel at al, MRM 2011).
Figure 3: MRI Pulse Sequences programming is part of this project, in the image several PGSE acquisitions with different diffusion times are shown. Potentially, these data contain information about the underlying microstructure.


Contact Person(s)

Miguel Molina Romero
Dr. Miguel Molina Romero

Working Group

Bjoern Menze
Prof. Bjoern Menze
Miguel Molina Romero
Dr. Miguel Molina Romero
Pedro Gómez
Dr. Pedro Gómez
Xin Liu
M.Sc. Xin Liu


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