Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality
Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

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User Interfaces

  • 3D Information Presentation:
    AR presents computer-based information three-dimensionally embedded into the real surroundings of a user. Visualizations can be shown on head-mounted displays (HMDs), mobile monitors (tablet PCs, PDAs, mobile phones, or intelligent instruments), nearby stationary monitors (desktops, walls), or as direct projections onto real objects. We conceive, investigate and compare such presentation techniques, as well as flexible, context-dependent combinations thereof.
  • 3D Interaction:
    When computer-based information is embedded within the real environment of users, users can react to such information directly within such real-world context - by manipulating real objects in addition to gesturing, speech, 3D pointing, and "standard" human-computer interaction via so-called "WIMP" (desktop-based) user interfaces. We investigate suitable combinations of such interfaces - with particular emphasis on direct 3D human-computer interaction embedded in the real world (tangible UIs).
  • HCI in Cars:
    User centered driver assistance with minimalistic interactions for active safety. The focus relies on embedded Augmented Reality and its use for the assistance part of all in-vehicle information systems. To improve driving performance, the driver is intended to reside in the control circuit of the driving task instead of being taken out for gathering information from secondary sources as warning or navigation systems and displays.
  • Multitouch Displays:
    Recently, interaction devices based on natural gestures have become more and more widespread, e.g. with Jeff Han's work (watch on YouTube), Microsoft Surface or the Apple iPhone. These devices particularly support multi-touch interaction, thereby enabling a single user to work with both hands or even several users in parallel. In this project, we explore the applications of multi-touch surfaces, both large and small. We are building and evaluating new hardware concepts as well as developing software to take advantage of the new interaction modalities.

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