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Multi Touch Displays


Contact Person and Group Coordination

Florian Echtler
Christoph Bichlmeier
Gudrun Klinker
Nassir Navab

Research Projects for Multi Touch Displays

MeTaTop A Multi Sensory Table Top System for Medical Procedures

MeTaTop A Multi Sensory Table Top System for Medical Procedures

A tabletop system in medical environments can be used for interactive and collaborative analysis of patient data but also as a multimedia user interface within sterile space. For preoperative planning physicians in charge with a particular patient meet to discuss the medical case and plan further steps for therapy. For this reason, they could collaboratively view and browse through all kind of available medical imaging data with the tabletop system. Alternatively such a system could be a central interaction device for all kind of equippment within the OR requiring user input, however, can not be operated by the sterile surgeon. We believe that the projection of all kind of user and information interfaces on a sterile glass plane would facilitate the clinical workflow.
This project is strongly related to the Tangible Interaction Surface for Collaboration between Humans project.
Tangible Interaction Surfaces for Collaboration between Humans

Tangible Interaction Surfaces for Collaboration between Humans

Recently, interaction devices based on natural gestures have become more and more widespread, e.g. with Jeff Han's work (watch on YouTube), Microsoft Surface or the Apple iPhone. These devices particularly support multi-touch interaction, thereby enabling a single user to work with both hands or even several users in parallel.

In this project, we explore the applications of multi-touch surfaces, both large and small. We are building and evaluating new hardware concepts as well as developing software to take advantage of the new interaction modalities.

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