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Teaching Activities at CAMP + AR


3D Computer Vision (Winter Term)

Making a computer see was something that leading experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence thought to be at the level of difficulty of a summer student's project back in the sixties. Forty years later the task is still unsolved and seems formidable. A whole field, called Computer Vision, has emerged as a discipline in itself with strong connections to mathematics and computer science and looser connections to physics, the psychology of perception and the neuro sciences.

Over the past decade there has been a rapid development in the understanding and modelling of the geometry of multiple views in computer vision. The theory and practice have now reached a level of maturity where excellent results can be achieved for problems that were unsolved a decade ago, and often thought unsolvable. These tasks and algorithms include problems like: Given two/three/multiple images, and no further information, compute/estimate:

  • matches between the images
  • the 3D position of the points that generate these matches
  • the cameras that generate the images

adapted form Hartley & Zisserman's "Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision"

This tasks and algorithms as well as the methods which allow us to reason about the quality of our results are the core of the lecture 3D Computer Vision.

  • Winter Term 04/05: 3D Computer Vision?
  • Summer Term 04: 3D Computer Vision?

Augmented Reality I (Winter Term)

abstract is coming soon

Augmented reality II (Summer Term)

abstract is coming soon

Intraoperative Imaging & Visualization (Summer Term)

Computer Science is playing an important, increasing role in medical practices. Medical imaging companies are no more asked by physicians to only produce images of anatomy. Instead, they are asked to design software and hardware systems to provide complex computer-aided solutions for diagnosis, intervention and therapy. There are more and more opportunities for computer science graduates to contribute to development and deployment of medical solutions.

Within the operating rooms, there is an increasing need for the integration and visualization of heterogeneous data acquired by numerous sensors. This course on Intra-operative imaging and visualization exposes the students to the challenges of building the operating rooms of future. The main focus of the course is in imaging technologies especially intra-operative imaging as well as the visualization of this data.

The will be invited guests for the hospital Rechts der Isar in the Thursday class. They will talk about the physical properties and the clinical use of the different modalitries and techniques. The invited guests will be announced soon.

Lab Courses

Praktika Hauptstudium

Augmented Reality (Summer Term)

abstract is coming soon

Intraoperative Imaging & Visualization (Winter Term)

This lab course focuses on the development of intra-operative image guidance systems. Teams of 3-6 members are built and each team is assigned to a specific problem and a surgical expert. Each team has to understand its specific problem domain. The problems are from the fields Augmented Reality for Medicine, Image Registration, Segmentation, and Navigation Systems. Classical stages of software engineering like requirement analysis and system design will be performed in prior to the implementation of an fully functional prototype.

Other then getting the knowledge of medical imaging techniques, common computer vision problems, e.g. segmentation, registration and calibration, are taught. The projects will be done mainly using C++.

Recommended for this lab course it the knowledge conducted in the Intraoperative Imaging & Visualization lecture.

3D Computer Vision (Summer Term)

The lab course is designed to teach the mathematical background of 3D computer vision with hands on practical examples form robot vision, augmented reality, and special effects for movies. The first weeks there will be exercises which provide the basic skills for the two final assignments on special effects.

The final assignment will be video augmentation of short 10sec clips. We will provide you a real movie sequence where you have to first place a planar virtual scene (e.g. a policeman showing his ID card and it is an image of you on that card) and finally you have to render a virtual character/object into a sequence of a real movie.

It is complementary to the lecture 3D computer vision in the winter terms which are of great benefit, but not compulsory. However, you have to ensure to have either attended the lecture or you have similar background knowledge. This lab course will cover the main algorithms in mono and stereo vision. The focus will be additionally on the development of different optimization methods.

The exercises will be written (algorithms and proofs) as well as implemented in Matlab. The final assignment will be in Matlab. There will be additional introduction tutorials for Matlab.

Programmierpraktika Grundstudium

Graphikprogrammierung in C++ (Summer & Winter Term)

C++: Programmer's Weapon of Choice. Insbesondere auf dem Gebiet der Computer Graphik (Game Programming, etc.) wird die Prgrammiersprache C++ der Alternative Java in jedem Fall vorgezogen. In diesem Praktikum wird grundlegendes Wissen zur Programmierung mit C++ vermittelt. Alle Beispielaufgaben für das Praktikum kommen aus dem Gebiet Computer Grafik und Computer Vision. Für die Bearbeitung und Implementierungen werden Teams zu je zwei bis drei Personen gebildet. Die Aufgaben werden mit GNU Compiler Collection (g++,gcc) bearbeitet. Das Praktikum ist in zwei Abschnitte unterteilt. Im ersten Abschnitt werden grundlegende Konzepte der C++ Programiersprache, OpenGL und Team Based Software Engineering behandelt. Im zweiten Abschnitt des Praktikums wird sukzessive eine komplexere Aufgabenstellung mit OpenGL erarbeitet. Die hierfür benötigten Programmiertechniken bauen auf den in Abschnitt eins des Praktikums erarbeitet Techniken auf.



A Modern Approach to 3D Computer Vision (Summer Term)

abstract is coming soon

Algorithms in Augmented Reality (Winter Term)

abstract is coming soon

Medical Image Registration and Segmentation (Summer & Winter Term)

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Applications of Augmented Reality (Summer Term)

abstract is coming soon

Other Seminars

Image-guided Treatments (PhD Seminar)

abstract is coming soon

Augmented Reality? (PhD Seminar)

abstract is coming soon

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