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Hauptseminar/Master Seminar:
Innovations in Robotic Imaging

Prof. Nassir Navab, Marco Esposito, Dr. Benjamin Frisch, Christoph Hennersperger

Type: Master Seminar Module IN2107
SWS: 2
ECTS: 4 Credits
Course Language: English


In traditional surgery, the outcome of the procedure depends entirely on the skills of the physicians and nurses. Today, interventional imaging and surgical robots support them, with the main goal of improving patient safety. We need to overcome many challenges, including spatial constraints in the OR as well as the desire for minimally invasive procedures. The daVinci(R) robot, in use for many years to support laparoscopic surgery and the Siemens zeego(R), that provides interventional CT, are only two examples of many technologies already deployed or under current research. This seminar course focuses on current research topics in the field of robotic medical imaging, both for diagnostic and interventional imaging.

The seminar will cover:

  • Interventional imaging (ultrasound, cone-beam CT, SPECT, MRI etc.)
  • Robot Control
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Etc.


  • [27.04.2015] The assignment of the papers is complete and is made public on the website.
  • [22.04.2015] The list of papers is made available on the website. Please communicate your three preferred papers per email until Sunday 26th.
  • [15.01.2015] There will be a short preliminary meeting on Wednesday 28th of January at 10AM in 03.13.010. The list of papers will be made available after the introductory meeting in spring.


  • TUM students: Registration is only possible using the new matching system linked in TUMonline. You will be notified by email (Informatics faculty) how the new system works.
  • Exchange students without TUMonline account: Please send a nice mail to Marco Esposito () to indicate that you want to participate, including your name, your birthday, program of study and Matrikelnummer (if you already have one). We will then enroll you in the course, given you match the requirements (Master's student).
  • Maximum number of participants: 15


In this Master Seminar (formerly Hauptseminar), each student is asked to select one paper from a list. In order to successfully complete the seminar, participants have to fulfill these requirements - all three will influence the final grade:

  • Presentation: The selected paper is presented to the other participants (15 minutes presentation, 10 minutes questions). Use the CAMP templates for PowerPoint  camp-tum-jhu-slides.potx, or Latex:  CAMP-latex-template.zip.
  • Written Report: A document of maximum 8 pages is written and submitted one week after the presentation. Please download and use the  CAMP Seminar Latex template. Alternatively, you can also use the LNCS Latex template llncs2e.zip directly from the Springer website.
  • Attendance: Participants have to participate actively in all seminar sessions.

Each presentation is followed by a discussion and everyone is encouraged to actively participate. The report must include all references used and must be written completely in your own words. Copy and paste will not be tolerated. Both report and presentation have to be done in English.


The seminar consists of a preliminary meeting, an introductory meeting and seminar sessions. Each of the sessions will consist of several student presentations. All seminar participants are expected to be present at every session and to actively participate in the discussion.

Date Time Room Topic By Material
28.01.2015 10:00-11:00 03.13.010 Preliminary Meeting Tutors Preliminary Meeting
13.04.2015 13:00-15:00 03.13.010 Introductory Meeting Tutors Introductory Meeting
from 15th of April   Tutor offices you may contact your tutor and arrange an appointment to discuss outline of your presentation and ask targeted questions    
02.06.2015 09:00-13:00 03.13.010 Presentation Training Tutors  
06.07.2015 13:00-16:00 03.13.010 Presentations I: Ultrasound I Erhard
07.07.2015 13:00-16:00 03.13.010 Presentations II: Ultrasound II and Gamma Dao
Liu, Ding
09.07.2015 09:00-12:00 01.13.010 different room! Presentations III: Surgery Chakrabarti
Liu, Nan

List of Papers

Papers are assigned in a first-come, first-serve manner. Please send a list of three paper titles to Marco Esposito () between Wednesday 22nd of April and Sunday 26th, we will try to satisfy everyone's preferences. After Monday 27th, or if all your choices are already taken, random paper attribution will take place.

Author Year Title Link Student Tutor
Bowsher 2014 Onboard functional and molecular imaging: A design investigation for robotic multipinhole SPECT Download Tingvold Frisch
Castro 2012 MARVEL: A wireless Miniature Anchored Robotic Videoscope for Expedited Laparoscopy Download Chakrabarti Frisch
Garcia 2009 Trauma Pod: a semi‐automated telerobotic surgical system Download Kopp Frisch
Gardiazabal 2014 Towards Personalized Interventional SPECT-CT Imaging Download Dao Frisch
Manwell 2014 Elastic Mesh Braided Worm Robot for Locomotive Endoscopy Download Siehmann Esposito
Moshaii 2014 A review of robotic mechanisms for ultrasound examinations Download Soyer Esposito
Mustafa 2013 Development of Robotic System for Autonomous Liver Screening Using UItrasound Scanning Device Download Erhard Hennersperger
Mylonas 2013 Autonomous eFAST Ultrasound Scanning by a Robotic Manipulator using Learning from Demonstrations Download Froschermeier Hennersperger
Nadeau 2013 Intensity-Based Ultrasound Visual Servoing: Modeling and Validation with 2-D and 3-D Probes Download Piberger Hennersperger
Rivas 2014 Towards a Cognitive Camera Robotic Assistant Download Liu, Nan Esposito
Sen 2013 A Cooperatively Controlled Robot For Ultrasound Monitoring of Radiation Therapy Download Li Esposito
Tovar 2011 Development of a robotic FD-CT-guided navigation system for needle placement – preliminary accuracy tests Download Neumann Hennersperger
Urayama 2011 Development of Cooperate System with Medical Robot to Alleviate Fatigue in Echography Download Liu, Ding Esposito

Literature and Helpful Links

A lot of scientific publications can be found online.

The following list may help you to find some further information on your particular topic:

Some publishers:

Libraries (online and offline):

Some further hints for working with references:

  • JabRef is a Java program for comfortable working with Bibtex literature databases. Handy feature: if you know the PubMed ID for an article, JabRef can import data from there (via "Web Search/Medline").
  • Mendeley is a cross-platform program for organising your references.

If you find useful resources that are not already listed here, please tell us, so we can add them for others. Thanks.

Title: Innovations in Robotic Imaging
Professor: Prof. Nassir Navab
Tutors: Marco Esposito, Dr. Benjamin Frisch, Christoph Hennersperger
Type: Hauptseminar
Information: 4 ECTS
Term: 2015SoSe

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