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Navigation Concepts in Interventional Imaging

Markus Kowarschik, Stefanie Demirci, Shadi Albarqouni

Type: Seminar Course Module IN2107, IN0014
SWS: 2+0
ECTS: 4 Credits
Location: See schedule below
Time: See schedule below
Course Language: English


Image-guided interventions are medical procedures that use computer-based systems to provide virtual image overlays to help the physician precisely visualize and target the surgical site. This field has been greatly expanded by the advances in medical imaging and computing power over the past 30 years. This course starts with a historical overview and then describes the component technologies of tracking, registration, visualization, and software. Clinical applications in neurosurgery, orthopedics, and the cardiac and thoracoabdominal areas are discussed, together with a description of an evolving technology named Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES). As the trend toward minimally invasive procedures continues, image-guided interventions will play an important role in enabling new procedures, while improving the accuracy and success of existing approaches. Despite this promise, the role of image-guided systems must be validated by clinical trials facilitated by partnerships between scientists and physicians if this field is to reach its full potential.

This semester, we have a new structure, each participant or group of two participants are required to do a survey of literature review on a selected topic, spotting the challenges, limitations and potential room for improvements. Weeks later, the participant is required to present a novel/innovative idea preferably influenced by Machine Learning to overcome/mitigate the challenges and limitations. Note: The students are not required to implement this idea, however, this could be a good starting point for any potential collaboration with CAMP in terms of IDP, BA or MA thesis.


  • [2016-06-14] Schedule is updated
  • [2016-05-30] We have merged the two sessions of Free-Style Presentation in one session on June 16
  • [2016-05-09] We have merged the two sessions of Literatire Review in one session on May 12
  • [2016-05-25] We have now 8 confirmed topics assigned to 16 participants.
  • [2016-04-19] A confirmation email has been sent to the students who have a confirmed topic, so they can start read the seed paper and follow up with their supervisor. For those who haven't received any confirmation email yet, we hope that we can assign you a topic by end of this week.
  • [2016-04-18] Topics are assigned.
  • [2016-04-13] Suggested seed papers are uploaded.
  • [2016-04-11] Topics are updated.
  • [2016-01-25] There will be a short introduction and organization meeting on 28th Jan. 2016 in 00.08.053.
  • [2016-01-20] Link to register on TUMOnline for this course.

Seminar Topics

  • Intervnetional 2D-3D Image Registration
  • Augmented Reality for Interventional Navigation
  • Learning-based Interventional Navigation Support
  • Crowdsourcing for Ground-Truth Generation
  • Spinal Navigation
  • Image guidance for Robotic Surgery
  • Image guidance for Prostate Brachytherapy
  • Volumetric Image Parsing
  • EP Catheter Detection and Reconstruction
  • EP Cryoballoon Catheter Localization
  • SHD TEE Fluoroscopy Registration
  • IR EVAR Guidance

Literature Review Report/Presentation

Each participant/group of two participants is/are required to prepare a survey of the literature review and present it in 30 mins to the participants. Report together with a presentation are required.

Free-Style Presentation

Each participant is required to give a 15 min free-style presentation about the selected topic and his innovative idea of employing Machine Learning in this area.



The seminar starts with an introduction meeting. Each topic will shortly be presented in this meeting. Participants are free to choose one of these topics as own assignment (this option is via until a defined deadline). Otherwise, topics will be randomly assigned.

Date Time Topic Room Slides
2016-01-28 14:00 Introduction and Organization meeting 00.08.053 Slides
2016-04-18 14-16 Assigning the Topics 03.13.010 Slides
email email Consultation with Supervisor    
2016-05-12 13-18 Literature Review I 01.11.018  
2016-05-13 09-14 Literature Review II (merged with the previous session) 02.13.010  
2016-06-16 13-15 Free-Style Presentation I 01.11.018  
2016-06-17 09-14 Free-Style Presentation II 02.13.010  

Course Participants with Topics and Presentation schedule

# Assigned Students Topic Status Supervision Material Schedule
"Literature Review"
1 Ahmed Tamoor Interventional 2D-3D Image Registration confirmed Stefanie Paper 15:00-15:30 14:45-15:00
2 David Frank, Julia Bühringer Augmented Reality for Interventional Navigation confirmed Stefanie Paper 13:00-13:30 14:30-14:45
3   Learning-based Interventional Navigation Support   Stefanie Paper    
4 Johann Frei, Faisal Kalim Crowdsourcing for Ground-Truth Generation confirmed Stefanie Paper 13:30-14:00 14:15-14:30
5   Spinal Navigation   Shadi Paper    
6 Christoph Kick, Fouad Samy Image guidance for Robotic Surgery confirmed Shadi Paper 14:00-14:30 14:00-14:15
7   Image guidance for Prostate Brachytherapy   Shadi Paper    
8 Zlatija Milunovic, Michael Wengler Volumetric Image Parsing confirmed Shadi Paper 14:30-15:00 13:45-14:00
9 Daniel Hermelig EP Catheter Detection and Reconstruction confirmed Markus Paper 17:00-17:30  
10 Jasmin Hong-Min Vu, Clemens Zuck EP Cryoballoon Catheter Localization confirmed Markus Paper 15:30-16:00 13:30-13:45
11 Ahmed Kareem, Benjamin Schnoy SHD TEE Fluoroscopy Registration confirmed Markus Paper 16:00-16:30 13:15-13:30
12 Nils Schwenzfeier, Wei Ni IR EVAR Guidance confirmed Markus Paper, Supplementary 16:30-17:00 13:00-13:15

* confirmed: both students confirmed their participation to the seminar (an email sent to start working on the paper) , * not yet: waiting the confirmation of the other student

Literature and Helpful Links

A lot of scientific publications can be found online.

The following list may help you to find some further information on your particular topic:

Some publishers:

Libraries (online and offline):

Some further hints for working with references:

  • JabRef is a Java program for comfortable working with Bibtex literature databases. Handy feature: if you know the PubMed ID for an article, JabRef can import data from there (via "Web Search/Medline").
  • Mendeley is a cross-platform program for organising your references.

If you find useful resources that are not already listed here, please tell us, so we can add them for others. Thanks.

* Image-Guided Interventions: Technology and Applications (Google eBook), see http://books.google.de/books?id=ObBiGIXqstgC&dq=peters+cleary+image-guided+interventions&output=html_text&source=gbs_navlinks_s

Title: Navigation Concepts in Interventional Imaging
Professor: Prof. Nassir Navab
Tutors: Markus Kowarschik, Stefanie Demirci, Shadi Albarqouni,
Type: Hauptseminar
Information: 2 SWS, 4 ECTS Credits, (IN2107, IN0014)
Term: 2016SoSe

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