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Hauptseminar/Master Seminar:
(Computer) Vision in Animal Behaviour Studies

Prof. Nassir Navab, Dr. Federico Tombari, Nicola Rieke, Hemal Naik

Type: Advanced Seminar Course Module IN8901
Type: Master Seminar Module IN2107
Type: Seminar Module IN0014
TUMonline: Link
SWS: 2+0
ECTS: 5 Credits
Location: MI 03.13.010 and MI 02.13.010
Time: Wednesday, 4-5pm
Course Language: English


  • 24-06-2017: Please note that two sessions are shifted about a week!
  • 01-04-2017: Papers are assigned
  • 02-02-2017: List of papers is availible
  • 11-01-2017: We set the date for the introductory meeting: Wednesday, 1st February 2017, 4:00pm in the CAMP seminar room MI 03.13.010


  • This seminar is in cooperation with the chair of Prof. Couzin (Max Planck Institute, Konstanz) and aims at students who would like to get insights into the field of Computer Vision in animal behaviour studies.

  • The Seminar will propose a list of recent scientific articles related to the main current research topics including machine learning for animal (group) behaviour studies, machine vision methods for analyzing social interactions, animal conservation and virtual reality in animal studies.



In this Master Seminar (formerly Hauptseminar), each student is asked to select one paper from a list. In order to successfully complete the seminar, participants have to fulfill these requirements:

  • Presentation: The selected paper is presented to the other participants (20 minutes presentation 10 minutes questions). Use the CAMP templates for PowerPoint camp_PP.potx, or Latex: camp-template_latex.zip.
  • Written Report: A document of maximum 8 pages is written and submitted two weeks after the presentation. Please download and use the llncs2e.zip Latex template.
  • Attendance: Participants have to participate actively in all seminar sessions.

The students are required to attend each seminar presentation which will be held during this course. Each presentation is followed by a discussion and everyone is encouraged to actively participate. The report must include all references used and must be written completely in your own words (no copy and paste allowed). Both report and presentation have to be done in English.

List of Topics and Material

The list of papers:

Nr Authors Title Conference Link Tutor Student
1 Robie, A. A. et al. Machine vision methods for analyzing social interactions Journal of Experimental Biology paper Beatrice Lentes Fabian Reinisch
2 Anderson, D. J. et al. Toward a Science of Computational Ethology Neuron paper Beatrice Lentes Anuj Ladia
3 Ioannou, C. C. et al. Predatory Fish Select for Coordinated Collective Motion in Virtual Prey Science paper Jakob Weiss Vladimir Danilov
  Stowers, J. R. et al. Reverse Engineering Animal Vision with Virtual Reality and Genetics Computer paper Jakob Weiss Vladimir Danilov
4 Wiltschko, A. B. et al. Mapping Sub-Second Structure in Mouse Behavior Neuron paper Julia Rackerseder Angela Denninger
5 Buhl, J. et al. From Disorder to Order in Marching Locusts Science paper Nicola Rieke Lukas Krenz
  Couzin, I. D. et al. Uninformed Individuals Promote Democratic Consensus in Animal Groups Science paper Nicola Rieke Lukas Krenz
6 Rosenthal, S. B. et al. Revealing the hidden networks of interaction in mobile animal groups allows prediction of complex behavioral contagion Proc. National Academy of Sciences paper Mira Slavcheva Luigi Petrucco
7 Klibaite, U. et al. An Unsupervised Method for Quantifying the Behavior of Interacting Individuals preprint arXiv:1609.09345 paper Nicola Rieke Abdurrahman Enes Senel
8 Pérez-Escudero, A. et al. idtracker: tracking individuals in a group by automatic identification of unmarked animals Nature methods paper Mira Slavcheva Gorkem Kilinc
9 Van Horn, G. et al. Building a bird recognition app and large scale dataset with citizen scientists: The fine print in fine-grained dataset collection CVPR paper Dr. Federico Tombari Mareike Baumann
10 Branson, S. et al. Visual Recognition with Humans in the Loop ECCV paper Dr. Federico Tombari Kamal Datta
11 Huang, J. B. et al. Detecting Migrating Birds at Night CVPR paper Tolga Birdal Peter Mortimer
12 van Gemert, J. C. et al. Nature Conservation Drones for Automatic Localization and Counting of Animals ECCV (workshop) paper Tolga Birdal Annett Köhler


This is the final schedule for the course. Each registered student is required to attend all presentations.

Date Time Place Topic Speaker Tutor Material
Feb 1, 2017 4-5pm MI 03.13.010 Introductory Meeting      
May 3, 2017 4-5pm MI 02.13.010 Surveys Fabian Reinisch, Anuj Ladia Beatrice Lentes paper1, paper2
May 17, 2017 4-5pm MI 02.13.010 Detection Peter Mortimer, Annett Köhler Tolga Birdal paper1, paper2
May 31, 2017 4-5pm MI 02.13.010 Tracking I Lukas Krenz, Abdurrahman Enes Senel Nicola Rieke paper1.1, paper1.2, paper2
June 21, 2017 4-5pm MI 02.13.010 Tracking II Gorkem Kilinc, Luigi Petrucco Mira Slavcheva paper1, paper2
July 5, 2017 4-5pm MI 02.13.010 Dataset , Recognition Mareike Baumann, Kamal Datta Dr. Federico Tombari paper1, paper2
July 12, 2017 4-5pm MI 02.13.010 Virtual Reality and Pose Vladimir Danilov, Angela Denninger Jakob Weiss, Julia Rackerseder paper1.1, paper1.2, paper2

Title: Computer Vision in Animal Behaviour Studies
Professor: Prof. Nassir Navab, Dr. Federico Tombari
Tutors: Nicola Rieke, Hemal Naik
Type: Hauptseminar
Information: Hauptseminar, SWS: 2, ECTS: 4
Term: 2017SoSe

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