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Medical Instrumentation and Computer Aided Surgery

General Information:

  • Type: Lecture
  • Credits: 4 SWS, 6 ECTS, Master Biomedical Computing, required module
  • The classes and examination are in English.
  • In case of organizational questions, please contact Dr. med. Maximilian Eder.


  • If you haven't already registered for the course via TUMonline, please send an email to Dr. Armin Schneider including your name and matriculation number. Note that the registration period for the exams hasn't started yet, this is just for registering for the course. For the exam, you have to register yourself via TUMonline once the period starts.

Time & Location:

  • Time: Mondays, 15:00-18:30
  • Location:
    • Hörsaal D (15:00-16:45)
    • CIP-Room (17:00-18:30)

Medical Instrumentation (MI) and Computer Aided Surgery (CAS) Wintersemester 2012/13
Date Time Theme Venue Lecturer
22.10.2012 15.00-16.45 CAS: Introduction, anatomical propaedeutics (skeleton, big joints, X-ray, CT and MRI) Hörsaal D
Klinikum Rechts der Isar
Burgkart, Kovacs
17.00-18.30 MI: Introduction CIP-Room Feußner
29.10.2012 15.00-16.45 CAS: Lung, thorax, circulation, spine, pelvis, muscles and soft tissue trauma TBA Kovacs, Eder
17.00-18.30 MI: Principles of surgery, Conventional medical instrumentation CIP-Room Feußner
05.11.2012 15.00-16.45 CAS: Head, hand soft tissue, mamma, plastic surgery, tissue engineering TBA Kovacs, Eder
17.00-18.30 MI: Laparoscopy I CIP-Room Feußner
12.11.2012 15.00-16.45 CAS: Upper and lower gastro intestinal tract, belly, genitourinary tract TBA TBA
17.00-18.30 MI: Laparoscopy II, lap. surgical videos, Hands-on CIP-Room TBA
19.11.2012 15.00-16.45 CAS: Visualisation and Navigation in Trauma & Orthopedic Surgery TBA Burgkart
17.00-18.30 MI: Hybrid + NOTES CIP-Room TBA
26.11.2012 15.00-16.45 CAS: Medical Rapid Prototyping, 3D Print, 3D model generation (Partner: Materialise GmbH) TBA Kovacs, Eder, Bichlmeier
17.00-18.30 MI: flexible Endoscopy CIP-Room TBA
03.12.2012 TBA CAS: Optical measuring, sensor technology (Partner: Steinbichler) Trip to Steinbichler Kovacs, Eder
17.00-18.30 MI: Hands-on: Tissue dissection (ultrasound scissors, Ligasure, HF-surgery), Sonography CIP-Room TBA
10.12.2012 15.00-16.45 CAS: Tissue engineering and application of 3D imaging TBA Schantz
17.00-18.30 MI: Visit to the surgical OR / Endoscopy CIP-Room TBA
17.12.2012 15.00-16.45 CAS: FEA simulation, ANSYS (Partner: CADFEM GmbH) TBA Kovacs, Eder, Volf
17.00-18.30 MI: Mechatronic support systems CIP-Room Fiolka
07.01.2013 15.00-16.45 CAS: Hands-on: FEA simulation, 3D model generation TBA Kovacs, Eder, Volf
17.00-18.30 MI: Training and simulation CIP-Room TBA
14.01.2013 15.00-16.45 CAS: Hands-on: FEA simulation, 3D model generation TBA Kovacs, Eder, Volf
17.00-18.30 MI: OR systems, Workflow CIP-Room Schneider
21.01.2013 TBA CAS: Navigation (Partner: BrainLAB) Trip to BrainLAB Burgkart
17.00-18.30 TBA CIP-Room TBA
28.01.2013 15.00-16.45 CAS: Rehearsal TBA Kovacs, Eder
17.00-18.30 MI: Rehearsal CIP-Room TBA
04.02.2013 15.00-16.45 Test TBA Kovacs, Eder
17.00-18.30 TBA

Title: Medical Instrumentation and Computer Aided Surgery
Professor: PD Dr. Rainer H. Burgkart, PD Dr. med. Laszlo Kovacs, Prof. Dr. Hubertus Feußner
Type: Lecture
Information: 4V SWS, 6 ECTS, Master BMC, required module
Term: 2012WiSe
Abstract: The practical course "Computer Aided Surgery" is organized by several surgery departments in Klinikum rechts der Isar. The aim of the course is to demonstrate the relations between clinical tasks, research projects together with cooperations with industrial partners. The students are asked to be prepared for the topics. The themes are listed. All industrial partners offer informations on their websites. Please prepare for the topics on your own, so we can discuss on a higher level. In the end of the course we will evaluate the student's opinion about organisation, atmosphere and knowledge transfer during this curse. Please give direct feedback if something could be optimized. The aim is to get a "win-win" situation for all participants. Students should get background information about clinical developments, getting in projects and maybe they will meet their future employer. For industrial partners the presentation of actual developments could be the basis of next research cooperation projects together with students and the clinical partners. Part of the course is organized directly in the headquarters of the industrial partners in Munich and the surrounding. Feel free to ask the organizers if you need some help.

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