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The VideoGrabber is a DWARF service that is responsible to grab video frames using a IEEE1394 firewire card. The service grabs a video frame and writes it in a shared memory block. Therefore the DWARF shared memory communication mechanism is used. The communication partner is able to read the frame out of the shared memory. This services uses the libdc1394-library for grabbing video images (this library is based on the libdc1394 library). So both libraries have to be available on the local machine.

Needs & Abilities

As stated in the VideoGrabber.xml file, the service has the following Needs and Abilities.
  • Ability: CameraData?
The concept of the VideoGrabber allows to support more than one camera. For example a user has two cameras: one attached to his breast and one attached to his head. To distiguish both abilities you have to introduce two abilities (e.g CameraHeadData?, CameraBreastData?). But this funcionality has to be improved and tested.

Interaction with other Services

The video frames are used by the MarkerDetection and the Viewer services. Services using the VideoGrabber have to implement the shared memory interface.

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Plug in the firewire camera and start the videograbber. Problems might occur because of setting a wrong firewire port of the libdc-library. I was not able to solve this problem, but if you just plug the camera in another port and start it again it should work. If this is not working yet try it again. After a view attempts the camera was running properly until the computer was shut down.

Example: VideoGrabber



Just run the VideoGrabber and start the Viewer (with the proper parameters, see Viewer). You should be able to receive a video image.


The configuration is set to standard values.

-- FelixLoew - 11 Dec 2003

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