After the past successful conferences, IPCAI again organizes an event in which the best conference articles in computer‐assisted interventions are reviewed, selected, presented and actively discussed.
IPCAI 2012, the 3rd International Conference on Information Processing in Computer-Assisted Interventions, will be held on June 27, 2012 in Pisa, Italy.

IPCAI aims at taking the particular aspects of interest and importance to CAI into account directly during the paper review process. IPCAI will include papers presenting novel technical concepts, clinical needs and applications as well as hardware, software and systems and their validation.

Similar to Information Processing in Medical Imaging (IPMI), IPCAI makes sure that the paper selection process is finalized before the submission deadline of both MICCAI and CARS conferences organized in the corresponding year. This allows the authors of the papers not accepted by IPCAI criteria to resubmit a revised version of their paper to one of these conferences.

The format of the conference allows more time for constructive discussion. Each accepted paper be presented in a poster session with extended (5 minute) teasers and organized discussion. In the afternoon, the papers selected by the audience will get 20 minutes of extra presentation time plus unlimited discussion. Questions will be prepared by committee members.

Papers will be published in LNCS Springer proceedings.


  • Program now online (see below)!
  • Attention: Deadline extended!
  • Submission system now open! Find more details here.
  • 2nd CFP sent out on October 12, 2011
  • 1st CFP sent out on July 21, 2011

Scientific CAI Topics

  • Systems and Software
  • Evaluation and Validation
  • Interventional Imaging
  • Interventional Robotics
  • Tracking and Navigation
  • Surgical Planning
  • Surgical Simulation
  • Advanced Intra-Op Visualization
  • Intra-Op UI
  • Surgical Workflow
  • ...


8:30 Opening Statements
8:40 Laparoscopic Surgery - Chair: Russel H. Taylor, PhD (USA)
  Template-based conformal shape-from-motion-and-shading for laparoscopy
A. Malti, A. Bartoli, ALCoV-ISIT, Clermont-Ferrand (F)
  Towards live monocular 3d laparoscopy using shading and specularity information
T. Collins, A. Bartolil, ISIT - Image Science for Interventional Techniques, Clermont-Ferrand (F)
  Automatic detection and localization of Da Vinci tool tips in 3D ultrasound
O. Mohareri, M.Ramezani, P. Abolmaesumi, S.E. Salcudean, Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia (CDN)
  Real-time methods for long-term tissue feature tracking in endoscopic scenes
M.C. Yip, D.G. Lowe, S.E. Salcudean, R.N. Rohling, The Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, C.Y. Nguan, Vancouver General Hospital (CDN)
9:00 Imaging and Tracking - Chair: Tim Salcudean (CDN)
  A closed-form differential formulation for ultrasound spatial calibration
M. Najafi, N. Afsham, P. Abolmaesumi, R.N. Rohling, The Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia (CDN)
  Model-based respiratory motion compensation in MRgHIFU
P. Arnold, F. Preiswerk, B. Fasel, P. Cattin, Univ. of Basel, R. Salomir, Univ. of Geneva (CH), K. Scheffler, Max Planck Inst. for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen (D)
  Non-iterative multi-modal partial view to full view image registration using local phase-based image projections
I. Hacihaliloglu, D. Wilson, M. Gilbart, M. Hunt, P. Abolmaesumi, The Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia (CDN)
  A hierarchical strategy for reconstruction of 3D acetabular surface models from 2d calibrated X-ray images
S. Schumann, M. Bergmann, M. Thali, L.-P. Nolte, G. Zheng, Univ. of Bern, M. Tannast, Inselspital, Bern (CH)
9:20 Poster Discussion 1 and Coffee Break
10:15 Cardiac Applications - Chair: David J. Hawkes, PhD (UK)
  A navigation platform for guidance of beating heart transapical mitral valve repair
J. Moore, C. Wedlake, P. Lang, M. Rajchl, T.M. Peters, Univ. of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, D. Bainbridge, G. Guiraudon, M. Chu, M. Chu, B. Kiaii, London Health Sciences Center (CDN)
  Motion estimation model for cardiac and respiratory motion compensation
S. Kaeppler, A. Brost, M. Koch, J. Hornegger, Technical Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen, N. Strobel, Siemens Healthcare, Forchheim, F. Bourier, K. Kurzidim, Krankenhaus Barmherzige Brüder, Regensburg (D), W. Wu, T. Chen, Siemens Corporation, NJ (USA)
  Cardiac unfold: a novel technique for image-guided cardiac catheterization procedures
Y.L. Ma, R. Karim, J. Housden, R. Razavi, T. Schaeffter, K.S. Kawal, King's College London, C.A. Rinaldi, Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Hospitals, London (UK), G. Gijsbers, R. Bullens, Philips Healthcare, Best (NL)
  Enabling 3D ultrasound procedure guidance through enhanced visualization
L. Brattain, N. Vasilyev, R. Howe, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA (USA)
10:35 Neurosurgery, Surgical Workflow and Skill Evaluation - Chair: Pierre Jannin, PhD (F)
  Fast and robust registration based on gradient orientations: case study matching intra-operative ultrasound to pre-operative MRI in neurosurgery
D. De Nigris, L. Collins, T. Arbe, McGill Univ., Montreal, Quebec (CDN)
  Atlas-based segmentation of the subthalamic nucleus, red nucleus, and substantia nigra for deep brain stimulation by incorporating multiple MRI contrasts
Y. Xiao, L. Bailey, M.M. Chakravarty, S. Beriault, A.F. Sadikot, G.B. Pike, McGill Univ., Montreal, Quebec (CDN)
  Towards systematic usability evaluations for the OR: an introduction to OR-Use framework
A. Bigdelou, A. Okur, M.-E. Hoffmann, B. Azizi, N. Navab, Technical Univ. Munich (D)
  Improving the development of surgical skills with virtual fixtures in simulation
A. Hernansanz, A. Casals, Technical Univ. of Catalonia, Barcelona (E), D. Zerbato, L. Gasperotti, M. Scandola, P. Fiorini, Univ. of Verona (I)
  Sparse hidden Markov models for surgical gesture classification and skill evaluation
L. Tao, E. Elhamifar, S. Khundapur, G. Hager, R. Vidal, The Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, MD (USA)
11:00 Poster Discussion 2
12:00 Lunch - Announcement of the long oral paper presentations selected by audience
12:30 First Oral Session - Chairs: Terry Peters, PhD (CDN); Leo Joskowicz, PhD (IL)
14:15 Coffee Break
14:30 Second Oral Session - Chairs: Kensaku Mori, PhD (J); Robert D. Howe, PhD (USA)
16:15 Coffee Break
16:30 Third Oral Session - Chairs: Nassir Navab, PhD (D); Purang Abolmaesumi, PhD (CDN)
17:05 Plenary Discussion
  Presentation of Awards
17:30 End of Session

Important Dates

  • Deadline to complete the submission forms: November 25, 2011 (midnight PST)
  • Deadline to submit the final PDF of your papers: November 28, 2011 (11pm PST)
  • Rebuttal phase: January 11-16, 2012
  • Author notification: February 3, 2012
  • Conference: June 27, 2012

Things to know

  • A dedicated highly selective double anonymous review process with different review forms
  • 30’ long talks with unlimited discussion for each
  • Constructive and interactive friendly atmosphere
  • Fully dedicated to Computer Assisted Interventions
  • With different points of view: methodological and/or technical innovation, validation, clinical evaluation, system integration, ergonomics
  • Proceedings in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Springer)

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