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The tool for measuring points in space in a coordinate system of a marker body can be found in SVN at in the measure-points folder

How to start measuring from scratch:

  1. checkout the repo
  2. compile with make or make.bat (started from the VisualStudio shell environment)
  3. run the tool (the ./ script makes setting the environment more convenient)
  4. in case the Ubitrack components could not be found, specify the according argument (-u)
  5. follow program instructions in the interactive mode, or provide all needed parameters at launch.

the .mcalib files for the DynaFrustumModule use following format:
(values separated by spaces)
marker_mount bottom_left_x bottom_left_y bottom_left_z bottom_right_x bottom_right_y bottom_right_z top_left_x top_left_y top_left_z
(the first value is a letter (L,M,R,C) that selects a tracked marker and the nine following values describe 3 cornerpoints)

Currently (Oct. 1st 2013) the Ubitrack dll crashes under Windows when the measurement is performed. Most likely Ubitrack has to be rebuild.

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