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the script /import/pprocbe_home/ituepferl/ lies there since the beginning of times, i added people due to requests, but then everyone forgot about it. it unlocks access to the X screen, so you can start Terrain and VNC server.

my connection commands as a reference:
alias frave_ssh='ssh -X -t "screen -D -R"'
alias frave_view='echo "blah" | vncviewer -autopass -encodings "copyrect tight hextile" '
alias frave_xvnc='ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 -t "x11vnc -passwd blah -scale 1/2 -localhost -ncache 10 -display :0.0"  '
and the result should be usable:

  • Terrain running on FRAVE used remotely over VNC:
    Terrain running on FRAVE used remotely over VNC

i use screen to keep and restore sessions in case of connection loss, x11vnc to remote control Terrain with TightVNC?'s vncviewer as a client (on Windows and Linux). you don't need ssh tunneling for VNC if you connect from fraveui - just point vncviewer to "frave0" or whereever you connect.

VNC is only needed to pixel-scrape Terrain, of course, the other apps run happily with X forwarding. If you're logging in from somewhere in ituepferl and you can see the screens, you don't need VNC, just unlocking X screen. So open an ssh connection and just type

export DISPLAY=:0.0
~/ (or xhost +si:localuser:username, check script contents)
~/terrainlauncher (or "DISPLAY=localhost:10.0 eclipse" , tenth display being X forwarding^^, or start it before "export")

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