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Template for Feedback


Is the topic of the document suitable? Is it timely to publish this now? Does it address research issues? Does this report on concepts already well known in other research communities?


Briefly summarize this document and its contribution to the field. State what the novel ideas are or the improvements to previous work. State how significant this contribution is.


Is the length appropriate? If the length should be changed, specify what should be added or removed.


Could a bright, motivated student in the field duplicate this work or verify the arguments from this description and the provided references?


Is the reference list adequate? Please list any missing references that should be added.

Technical Correctness

Is the document technically correct? Does it provide adequate comparison against previous work and state the limitations and drawbacks of the work?


Is the document well organized and well written? Is it easy to understand? Are grammar and spelling correct? If improvements are needed, state them here.


Does the title of the document fit to the content?

Overall Rating

Provide your overall rating of the document.
  • 5 -- Definite accept: I think this document can be called finished.
  • 4 -- Probably accept: I think this document is acceptable.
  • 3 -- Borderline: Overall I would say its OK, but some work should still be done.
  • 2 -- Probably reject: I would argue for rejecting this document.
  • 1 -- Definite reject: I would argue strongly for rejecting this document.

Detailed explanation

Provide a detailed explanation of the reasoning behind your score. This section is mandatory and is easily the most important part of the review, as it will strongly influence the authors on improving the document. Include comments that are significant for the author to understand your judgement of the document.

-- MarcusToennis - 03 Sep 2007

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