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Title: User Distraction through Interaction with a Wall-sized Display
Abstract: Wall-sized displays are conquering their place in the everyday applications in offices and command and control centers. They benefit from the capability to display more information and promote collaboration and exploration better than common single and double monitor setups. The development of suitable interaction techniques is lagging behind, because standards, e.g. mouse and keyboard for a desktop PC, are yet to be defined. With advancement in spatial recognition and reconstruction the research is shifting from simple pointing to spatial interaction. Researchers try to determine the best suitable interaction techniques for different tasks on such a screen. A technique must not only perform fast, but allow the user to perform tasks efficient by not requiring the user to focus completely and solely on the interaction. In this thesis we observe the applicability of different techniques for the drag and scale interaction on a huge display under the aspects of speed and attention requirements. We designed a test which allowed us to observe such application. Through a test series with ten participants we determined which techniques are best suited for this task. We discuss the emerging errors under the aspect of the repetition and missing and offer an explanation of possible causes of these.
Student: Alexander Plopski
Director: Prof. Gudrun Klinker, PhD.
Supervisor: M.Sc.-Inf Frieder Pankratz, Dr. Kiyoshi Kiyokawa
Type: Master Thesis
Status: finished
Start: 15.12.2011
Finish: 14.05.2012
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