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Title: Hand Tracking with the Wiimote
Abstract: The past few years have seen many developments in computers move from the realm of research - even the realm of imagination and movies - into the hands of end users. However, two of the innovations that captured the imagination of both users and developers worldwide in the past few years were multi-touch surfaces and gesture- controlled devices. This paper addresses a project, carried out in the Fachgebeit Augmented Reality Lehrstuhl at the Techniche Universiät München (TUM), which aimed at combining these two technologies in one single software library. The tisch library, created by Florian Echtler at TUM, is aimed at keeping developers of multi-touch software fo- cused on the software development through providing an Application Programming Interface (API) that handles all low-level processing and hardware communication. The aim of the project was to integrate the use of the Wii Remote into this library. Two methods were devised for the integration of the Wii Remote with multi-touch surfaces. The first uses in-air hand gestures and the Wii Remote’s Infra Red (IR) camera capabilities, while the other integrated the Wii Remote’s normal hand-held use into the library. It was concluded that, while the integration of the Wii Remote into multi-touch hardware was not feasible due to its hardware limitations, its addition to the software library extended its use from multi-touch surfaces to include vertical displays that can be used alongside the multi-touch hardware it was originally designed for.
Student: Amir Beshay
Director: Gudrun Klinker
Supervisor: FlorianEchtler
Type: Bachelor Thesis
Status: finished
Start: 2009/03/01
Finish: 2009/06/30

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