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Explained Predictions

Supervision: Christian Rupprecht, Iro Laina, Federico Tombari
Student: Sharru Möller

The goal of this master’s thesis is to study and elaborate a new methodology to expand and explain the internal computations that occur within a neural network during prediction. In particular, it aims at developing a new technique that is able to provide a richer response than a single prediction, like, for example, a classification label. Indeed, neural networks convey a non-deterministic nature and tend to be over-confident, even when making a clearly wrong prediction. However, a “reliable” network should have the means to "explain itself" and justify why and how it came to specific conclusions.

We are looking for a student with preferably deep learning experience and a good mathematical background.

Related Literature:

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Image courtesy of [3].

Title: Explained Predictions for Neural Networks
Student: Sharru Möller
Director: Prof. Nassir Navab
Supervisor: Christian Rupprecht, Iro Laina, Federico Tombari
Type: Master Thesis
Area: Machine Learning
Status: finished
Thesis (optional):  

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