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Augmented Reality Visualisation and Calibration of Medical Instruments

Student: ChristophPetzinger?
Supervisor: Dipl.Inf. Martin Bauer?
Professor: Prof. Gudrun Klinker
Submission date: xx.xx.2004
Student Project (Systementwicklungsprojekt)

The goal of this project is to map (i.e. register) a geometric model of a medical instrument, in our case a pair of scissors onto a real instrument the is tracked using an external tracking system. This problem is also known as "hand-eye-coordination" in robotics.

The main focus lies on providing easy mechanisms to calculate this registration, which is in fact a simple coordinate system transform. In our special case we can use the fact that our instrument consists of two legs that can be moved in a special way due to the single joint in the middle. This point and the angle between the two legs define a plane and a point, which can be used to determine the location of the markers in the object coordiate system without manually measuring their position.

scissors with attached marker The joint defines a point and a plane Threedimensional model of scissors
scissors.jpg scissorsangle.jpg This is your part of the project :-)

  • Implementation language: C/C++, Java or Python, VRML/OpenGL
  • Development Platform: Linux
  • Prerequisites: Knowledge in computer vision (e.g. lectures 3D Computer Vision, Computer Graphics), strong background in threedimensional linear algebra

Contact Main.Main.MartinBauer ( for more information if you are interested.

Title: Augmented Reality Visualisation and Calibration of Medical Instruments
Director: Gudrun Klinker
Supervisor: Martin Bauer
Type: SEP
Status: draft

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