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General Issues

Why does trackman not consider my trackman.conf file?

During startup, trackman locks in the working directory for this file. Depending on your operating system, double-clicking might not be enough. Solution: Start trackman from the command line

Change to bin subdirectory of trackman installation folder using the cd command, then run by typing java -jar trackman.jar

You can also put this code into a simple shell script and start trackman by double-clicking the shell-script.

I specified all paths correctly in trackman.conf. Why does trackman still complain about problems loading Ubitrack?

Make sure that you are using the 32-bit version of Java! Ubitrack is currently being compiled with 32-bit (2011-10-07).

MS Windows Issues

Paths specified in the trackman.conf are not handled appropriately.

Solution: Ensure to quote the backslash when specifying a path under MS Windows, e.g. C:\\directory\\file

MAC OS X Issues

Mac OS X ships with a default Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which has version 5 (Sun internal version 1.5). trackman however needs JRE 6.0 (Sun internal version 1.6) or newer. Manually changing the symlinks pointing to the default installation is not a proper solution and does not work at all on MAC OS X 10.5.5.

Solution: Install a JRE >= 1.6, configure it in your .bashrc as follows and run trackman from this bash.

export JAVA_HOME
export PATH

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