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The following lists shall be considered read-only and only be edited by the maintainers. trackman users, please contact Peter Keitler for bugreports or feature requests. You may also send an email to


Known Bugs

Priority Description Workaround / Notes
2 Button names in data flow dialog are not named according to the name of the associated ApplicationPushSinkButton component in the data flow  
2 For path attributes in the property editor, only files can be chosen, no directories. However, some components need directories, e.g. the ImageFileRecorder Specify a dummy file in the 'file open' dialog and strip the filename manually in the edit field of the property editor.
2 In data flow view, ports for components are allocated according to the potentially ambigous display name of the corresponding edge instead of the unique edge identifier. In case of two identical display names, only one port is visible. Use unique display names in the pattern template, this is more intuitive anyway.
1 Renderer window stays open on Linux after dataflow has been stopped. It cannot be closed manually, though starting a new dataflow closes the old window and opens a new renderer window, if necessary  
closed Loop-Edges having the same source and sink node are not rendered correctly Currently, nobody uses loop edges, so this is put on hold.
closed Unter MS Windows, the Editor crashes and subsequently, the desktop, too, if an external monitor is activated. Occurs only on Bennis notebook, probably, graphic card driver is responsible
closed Callbacks from Ubitrack do not work properly. Probably, the reason is that directors are still in experimental state in swig. Therefore, the dataflow observer is currently deactivated. Update Feb 17, 2009: This has not been seen for a long time know, so hopefully, the issue can be closed. Rated down to 1 for now.
1 'Instantiate dataflow' from context menu in tree view does always start the currently active SRG, not the clicked one -
1 Changed node/edge/pattern names are not reflected immediately in the SRG/DFN view, but only after the next click. -
1 Selection of pattern in property editor does not work on the pattern itself, only on its attributes -
1 Selection of pattern in property editor: Always the same pattern is SRG is highlighted, if multiple instances of the same type exist -
1 Save / Save as don't work properly: 1) The directory last used is not remembered. 2) Save also asks for a filename to be given -
1 'Static Matrix' hält die eingegebenen Werte nicht -
1 Sequence of ports in DFG editor is arbitrary -
1 Validation of SRG fails if empty list (e.g. Distance List) ist used -
1 Two ouputs in trigger group should be supported, e.g., for 2D6D Pose Estimation or Pose Split components They should simply have the same sync!
1 It should be impossible to just close the dataflow window by clicking the X without actually stopping the dataflow  

Work packages

SRG Editor GUI

Priority (3/high - 1/low) Description Workaround / Notes
2 Shortcut for saving dataflow  
2 Automatic saving or warning of data flows to do so when instantiating or quitting trackman  
1 Highlight the last or the last few inserted edges (coloring?)  
2 Option to hide automatically all output edges that do not have matching input edges (reason: they might be useless output edges, at least temporarily)  
2 Option to hide automatically all output edges that have at least on matching input edge (reason: User just has inserted an edge and directly wants to add other patterns based on this step, other edges are confusing in this case)  
2 Toggle between all patterns / not hidden patterns (Flo)  
2 Check/warn if unsynchronized push/push would result from edge matchig  
1 Apply filter only to pattern templates. Maybe make this a user option (Miki, Benni)  
1 Make SRG/DFN views scalable for more modelling space (Manuel/Miki)  
1 Escape to end the pattern search (Miki)  
1 Open empty SRG on start (Benni)  
2 Show alternative dataflows for automatic pattern-matching. User should have the possibility to choose his solution! Maybe just offer possibility to choose between push and pull for the desired edge.  
2 Link calibration dataflows with runtime dataflow. One SRG and several views corresponding to several sets of full/query patterns.
This probably also relates with path issues (relative paths, consistent paths) and project issues below. Ideas:
  • Create a static edge in the calibration dataflow that can be dragged and dropped into the runtime SRG
  • Allow for a runtime SRG set which consists of one (maybe more?) runtime dataflow and several calibration dataflows. The lattern could be derived from the former by truncation of parts not needed for the concrete calibration problem at hand.
  • Drag&Drop CalibWriter, trackman asks whether to create a corresponding CalibReader and manages file paths automatically
1 Undo functionality for SRG editor Modeling steps can be reversed by the user, so undo is not really necessary
1 Provide a way to find/select dependent patterns in SRG view (e.g. via double click on edge) Alternatively, the DFN view can be used for that.
3 Pool for meta-patterns in tree view. Requires drag&drop functionality for meta-patterns, not only for single pattern templates  
1 Load SRG from command line (Flo)  
3 Project management for SRGs Idea:
  • Project manages set of SRGs
  • Use a common base path
  • Use relative paths within a set of SRGs (i.e. for logs, recorded data and calibration files). Are different paths necessary? E.g. for several measurements made with the same calibration?
  • Provide a wizard for sequence of execution of SRGs
This relates also to other feature requests, especially meta-patterns, handling of paths, etc.
1 Make grid in SRG / DFN view optional  
2 Node ununification without edge unmatching Use case: Nodes were together for Absolute Orientation, but now, they shall be treated seperately, e.g. for computing a deviation.
2 Edge unmatching without node ununification E.g. "unmatch all matching edges". This is more specific than unmatching the whole pattern. Relates to the feature request above.
1 Compute deviations (distance, vector, angle(s), rotational deviation vector) in Ubirack instead of in trackman.  
1 Rollovers on node to show/hide edges instead of double click on edge  
3 Put the close/save and delete/match pairs of operations further apart.  
1 Scaling in SRG / DFN view for better overview in large projects  
3 Functionality to hide nodes. This would propagate to adjacent edges Might be based on the already available pattern hiding option
2 Functionality to split SRG into groups for specific treatment (scaling, hiding, reuse) This probably relates to other feature requests (view scaling, hiding of nodes, treatment of meta-patterns)

Dataflow Interaction and Analysis Tools

Priority (3/high - 1/low) Description Workaround / Notes
1 Measurement functionality with automatic averaging in trackman, should probably be configurable (Pete)  
2 Show confidence interval in plots  
2 Outlier detection in comparison plots  
2 Mobile interaction device, e.g. for calibration/registration  
3 Generic calibration support which shows residual behavior Maybe, we need means to compute/output residuals in Ubitrack algorithms

SRG Model (Patterns and pattern templates) and UTQL bindings

Priority (3/high - 1/low) Description Workaround / Notes
1 Support for changing object IDs with database integrity (rename --> delete)  
2 Time-/space expansion. Workaround: At the moment, special pattern templates are necessary and space-expansion is handled by lists of measurements
1 Optional input edges that do not need to be matched Workaround: Specify different pattern templates.
1 Store trackman version number in UTQL (Miki)  
1 Allow for ID prefixes so that different SRGs can be easily combined manually afterwards (Manuel)  
2 Use relative paths to make SRGs movable, interoperable and platform-independent (Miki). Yes, that would be cool!
1 Manage names and file names of SRGs consistently  


Priority (3/high - 1/low) Description Workaround / Notes
1 Allow for different directories to be configured/remembered, according to file type (SRGs, Templates, Files used in property editor)  

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