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TODOs for the Ubitrack Library (short/mid-term)

Status: STOP not started, HOLD working on it, GO finished

See also: LibraryBugs, PastLibraryMilestones

Autumn outdoor demo

Part What Responsible Status
drivers/vision get stereo video seethrough Florian GO
drivers GPS driver    
drivers Z800 Headtracker driver Florian HOLD

Getting Ready for UTQL

Part What Responsible Status
graph New graph data structure Manuel GO
graph UTQL predicate parser Daniel GO
components Change configuration to UTQL subgraph Manuel GO
svn Branch for UTQL development Manuel GO
graph UTQL data structure and parser Manuel GO
dataflow dataflow configuration from UTQL Manuel GO
dataflow update interface to use UTQL Manuel GO
dataflow Add start() and stop() methods to components and dataflownetwork Manuel GO
dataflow Add start/stop to modules Manuel GO
dataflow Implement start() and stop() in all drivers Manuel HOLD
dataflow Make new components stopped by default Manuel HOLD
dataflow handle UTQL reconfiguration responses Manuel GO
dataflow cleanup UTQL response handling a bit Manuel HOLD
all cleanup, document and commit Manuel GO
graph Include predicate parsing Manuel GO
graph Include attribute expressions Daniel GO
graph Assemble SRG from UTQL-Document Manuel HOLD
dataflow make translation/rotation names consistent Manuel STOP
dataflow make most configuration available as ports Manuel STOP
dataflow rename ports Manuel STOP
components Sanitize component configurations with UTQL Manuel HOLD
drivers fix elvin driver (no longer needed)    
drivers fix opentracker driver Daniel  
drivers fix AVTFrameGrabber?    
components Component Dataflow comparison with new subgraph ?    
dataflow fix module keys Daniel GO


Part What Responsible Status
components configurations from strings templated Manuel GO
DataflowNetwork.h Document and refactor big methods into DataflowNetwork.cpp Manuel HOLD
dataflow Do something about pull and threading   STOP
interface Remove interface.h/.cpp. Change documentation and console. Daniel GO
interface Java bindings (for Björn and Marcus) Pete GO
math make Pose templated for floating-point type Florian HOLD
drivers/render improve thread separation in render component Florian HOLD
drivers/artpush implement sampling/clocked ART sender    
drivers/artpush implement more ART sender commands    
components write a nice Console Sink    
components write ManualTracker (wxWidgets?)    
component write console output, console input, gui output and gui input components    
svn script that sends mail on commit    
math implement conversion: Quaternion -> Euler-Angles (for ART Sender and Elvin)    
svn cleanup namespaces/directories: combine Calibration and Tracking, eliminate Measurement, etc.    
all only use the names Position/Orientation OR Rotation/Translation in class/variables names    
interface refactor Daniel GO
interface Python bindings Daniel GO
svn update WebSVN to a version that works Daniel GO


Part What Responsible Status
patterns implement pattern detection Manuel GO
patterns implement pattern descriptions in UTQL Manuel GO
patterns make components know their pattern Manuel STOP

Eternal ToDos

Part What Responsible Status
src Consistent formatting all STOP
src Consistent parameter passing all STOP
src Fix all TODOs and bugs all STOP
all Write more tests all STOP

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