Time Event
10:00-10:30 Welcome 
10:30-11:00 Dr.-Ing Markus Kowarschik and Katharina Breininger, Siemens Healthcare, Germany

Endovascular Interventions at Siemens Healthcare
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-13:30 Oral Session 1 -- 20 min per person (15 presentation + 5 Q/A)

Sekeun Kim, Yeonggul Jang, Byunghwan Jeon, Youngtaek Hong, Hackjoon Shim and Hyuk-Jae Chang

Fully automatic segmentation of coronary arteries based on Deep Neural Network in Intravascular Ultrasound Image

Yihui Cao, Yifeng Lu, Qinhua Jin, Jing Jing, Yundai Chen, Jianan Li and Rui Zhu

Deep Learning-based Detection and Segmentation for BVS Struts

Jianning Li, Long Cao, Cheng Wang and Bowen Meng

Towards Automatic Measurement of Type B Aortic Dissection Parameters : Methods, Applications and Perspective

Katharina Breininger, Tanja Kurzendorfer, Tobias Würfl, Shadi Albarqouni, Marcus Pfister, Markus Kowarschik, Nassir Navab and Andreas Maier

Multiple device segmentation for fluoroscopic imaging using multi-task learning

Miguel Alemán-Flores, Daniel Santana-Cedrés, Luis Alvarez, Agustín Trujillo, Luis Gómez, Pablo G. Tahoces and José M. Carreira

Segmentation of the Aorta Using Active Contours with Histogram-Based Descriptors

13:30-15:00 Lunch Break
15:00-16:30 Oral Session 2 -- 20 min per person (15 presentation + 5 Q/A)

Haidong Hao, Hua Ma and Theo Van Walsum

Layer Separation in X-ray Angiograms for Vessel Enhancement with Fully Convolutional Network

Renzo Phellan, Thomas Lindner, Michael Helle, Thiago Spina, Alexandre Falcão and Nils Daniel Forkert

4D ASL MRA simulated phantoms with added noise learned by using neural styling

Simon Lessard, Rosalie Plantefève, François Michaud, Catherine Huet, Gilles Soulez and Samuel Kadoury

Blood-flow estimation in the hepatic arteries based on 3D/2D angiography registration

Pieter Boonen, Nico Buls, Gert Van Gompel, Yannick De Brucker, Dimitri Aerden, Johan De Mey and Jef Vandemeulebroucke

Automated quantification of blood velocity from time-resolved CT angiography

Geena Kim, June-Goo Lee, Soo-Jin Kang, Paul Ngyuen, Do-Yoon Kang, Pil Hyung Lee, Jung-Min Ahn, Duk-Woo Park, Seung-Whan Lee, Young-Hak Kim, Cheol-Wahn Lee, Seong-Wook Park and Seung-Jung Park

Prediction of Fractional Flow Reserve from Intravascular Ultrasound Images using Machine Learning

16:30-17:00 Coffee Break  
17:00-17:30 Balocco Simone, University of Barcelona

IVUS interpretation
17:30-18:00 Stefano Moriconi, University College London

Inference of Cerebrovascular Topology with Geodesic Minimum Spanning Trees
18:00-18:30 Discussion

The Future of CVII and Stenting / Clode of Workshop
20:30 MICCAI Welcome Reception  

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