Deep Learning for Industry is an event aimed at providing participants with the theoretical foundations and the practical tools necessary to understand and develop applications with deep learning.

The workshop is a 3-day event which takes place in Munich on April 3-5, 2017. It offers a theoretical introduction, some valuable insights and intuitions and finally a first practical experience with Deep Learning algorithms, by employing state-of-the-art tools and leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our research team.

The workshop comprehends 3 full days spanning fundamentals of deep learning (1st day), applications and advanced architectures (2nd day), and a hands-on session based on TensorFlow (3rd day), which will guide the participants from the very theoretical foundations to the cutting-edge research directions, providing them with all tools and information necessary to kick-start Deep Learning in their working environment.


Deep Learning is recognized as a set of disruptive machine learning techniques that has allowed, in recent years, a tangible leap forward of the state of the art in several research fields such as computer vision, medical image analysis, natural language processing and robotics.

For example, in the area of computer vision, Deep Learning approaches achieve outstanding results with respect to the state of the art for tasks such as object detection and recognition, feature extraction, face recognition, scene understanding - sometimes even surpassing human performance.

Due to its inherent properties of being flexible and general, it holds the potential to be applied to a high number of problems and scenarios, and it is becoming more and more influential in both academia and industry. Indeed, several companies and start-ups are now developing their core technology and products based on Deep Learning.

Deep Learning for Industry is the follow-up of a successful event held for the first time in 2016, designed to meet the increasing interest of companies - from the big players to the new start-ups - in the field of Deep Learning.

It is based on the expertise developed in recent years by a group of researchers at the Chair of Computer Aided Medical Procedures (CAMP), TU München, who focused on developing new ideas and research directions in the field, both theoretical and applied, which have been published in the most recognized conferences and journals in the fields of medical image analysis, computer-assisted interventions and computer vision.

We welcome all interested professional figures - from engineers to managers, to practitioners in the field - to join our event.

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