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Stereo Time-of-Flight

Stereo Time-of-Flight

Contact Person(s): Victor Castaneda,Diana Mateus

Keywords: Reconstruction, Computer Vision


This paper describes a novel method to acquire depth images based on combining a pair of ToF? (Time of Flight) cameras. As opposed to approaches that register point clouds posterior to the image acquisition, we propose to combine the measurements of the two cameras at the acquisition level. To do so, we actively control the infrared lighting of the scene such that the two cameras emit and measure the reflected infrared light first one after the other, and then simultaneously. Assuming the scene is static during these three stages and gathering the obtained depth measurements in each state, we derive a set of constraints that allow us to optimize the two depth images. In terms of hardware requirements, the cameras need to have access to the control of the infrared lights and should work with the same infrared wavelength and with exactly the same modulation frequency. A quantitative evaluation of the performance of the proposed method for different objects and setups is provided based on a simulation of the ToF? cameras. Results on real images are also provided. In both simulation and real images the stereo-ToF acquisition is able to produce more accurate depth measurements.


Figure 1: The 3 Stages
Figure 2: Optimization
Figure 3: Results using a pair of ToF? cameras


Video shows how the system works and include results examples


Contact Person(s)

Diana Mateus
Prof. Diana Mateus
Victor Castaneda
Dr. Victor Castaneda

Working Group

Diana Mateus
Prof. Diana Mateus
Nassir Navab
Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab
Victor Castaneda
Dr. Victor Castaneda


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V. Castaneda, D. Mateus, N. Navab
Stereo Time-of-Flight with Constructive Interference
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Inteligence (TPAMI) Volume 36, number 7, pages 1402-1423, 2014. (bib)
V. Castaneda, D. Mateus, N. Navab
Stereo Time-of-Flight
IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), Barcelona, Spain, November 2011. (bib)

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