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MeTaTop A Multi Sensory Table Top System for Medical Procedures

MeTaTop A Multi Sensory Table Top System for Medical Procedures

In medical collaboration with:
Ekkehard Euler, Simon Weidert

Scientific Director: Nassir Navab

Contact Person(s): Christoph Bichlmeier

Keywords: Computer-Aided Surgery, 3D Information Presentation, Past Projects


A tabletop system in medical environments can be used for interactive and collaborative analysis of patient data but also as a multimedia user interface within sterile space. For preoperative planning physicians in charge with a particular patient meet to discuss the medical case and plan further steps for therapy. For this reason, they could collaboratively view and browse through all kind of available medical imaging data with the tabletop system. Alternatively such a system could be a central interaction device for all kind of equippment within the OR requiring user input, however, can not be operated by the sterile surgeon. We believe that the projection of all kind of user and information interfaces on a sterile glass plane would facilitate the clinical workflow.
This project is strongly related to the Tangible Interaction Surface for Collaboration between Humans project.


Within the scope of the programming course Projekt Systementwicklung: Bildverarbeitung und Computer-Graphik mit C++ (WS2007/08) students implemented different applications and functionality for a tabletop system. Results include software for calibrating the system and detecting and sending tracking data of finger positions, interactive games and software for viewing medical imaging data.

Semi-automatic flight through medical imaging data on the interactive TableTop system

Diploma Thesis: A Tabletop Display as a Multi-Modal and Multi-User Interface for Collaborative Patient Data Analysis


C. Bichlmeier, S.M. Heining, L. Omary, P. Stefan, B. Ockert, E. Euler, N. Navab
MeTaTop: A Multi-Sensory and Multi-User Interface for Collaborative Analysis of Medical Imaging Data
Interactive Demo (ITS 2009), Banff, Canada, November 2009 (bib)


Contact Person(s)

Christoph Bichlmeier
Dr. Christoph Bichlmeier

Working Group

Patrick Wucherer
Dr. Patrick Wucherer
Philipp Stefan
Philipp Stefan


Andreas Funk
Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Andreas Funk
Latifa Omary
Latifa Omary
Sandro Heining
Dr. med. Sandro Heining
Tobias Sielhorst
Dr. Tobias Sielhorst


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