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This service can receive a multitude of events (easily extendible) and log them to a file, which can be specified by the user, in the following format for usability evaluation purposes:


Initially SessionName, ParticipantName and TaskName are set to ?. These values can only be set with the included DataEntry service by entering the appropriate values in the following mask:


Enter the appropriate values for SessionName, ParticipantName, TaskName in the fields labeled Study, Participant and Current task and confirm the entry by pressing Enter to setup the DataLogger.

Times are taken by pressing the Start task button and then pressing the End task button after making sure the proper radio button (Success, With help, Incorrect, Incomplete, Timeout) is selected.

Notes can be taken by entering the desired text in the Notes field and pressing enter. The note type will be set to the radio button checked below the notes field.

Manual entries can be send to the DataLogger by using the bottom most form by specifing the Log type and Value each again confirmed by pressing Enter.

Needs & Abilities

As stated in the DataLogger.xml file, the service has the following Needs and Abilities.

As stated in the DataEntry.xml file, the supplementary service has the following Needs and Abilities.

Interaction with other Services

  • The mask provided by DataEntry has to be used to set SessionName, ParticipantName and TaskName plus notes / observations by the evaluation monitor can be entered here additionally to manual events
  • MenuDisplay emits the events which are of main interest for data logging and evaluation as of right now
  • Separate non service scripts based on ploticus are used to visualize the data logged by this service

More Documentation


This describes how to set up and run a DataLogger.


No special packages are required. If you have a running DWARF installation, do a make install in the DataLogger directory. This creates an application called DataLogger which can be started by command line. In conjunction the application called DataEntry should be started at least too.


Start a DataLogger, start DataEntry to set initial values and start logging right away by taking notes or log e.g. MenuSelection events automatically by starting a MenuDisplay service with all required sub services for highlighting and selection and begin "using" the menu.

Command Line Parameter

You can use the following command line parameter:

  • -Dfile=<string>: specify the full path of the file to be logged to (new lines will be attached to the bottom) (default: /home/kulas/ploticus/data.log)

Known Bugs and Limitations

The DataLogger can only blend in without modifying other services while logging events. Logging method calls would require services to make dual method calls. One for the DataLogger and one "real" call. Because of this reason only events are logged.


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