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This service offers 2 different visualizations of a 2D QT menu plus a dummy menu entry provider. The first visualization is a standard ListMenu whereas the second visualization is a PieMenu.

ListMenu.jpg PieMenu.jpg

Entries in the ListMenu can be either highlighted and selected by mouse clicks or via InputDataAnalogLimited? events for highlighting and InputDataBool? for selection.

The PieMenu only accepts the above mentioned events for both highlighting and selection of menu entries.

The DummyListProvider can be set to offer different sets of menu entries for selection through which it will cycle continuously (intended for usability studies).

Needs & Abilities

As stated in both ListMenuDisplay.xml and PieMenuDisplay.xml, both menu visualization services have the following Needs and Abilities.

As stated in the DummyListProvider.xml file, the supplementary service has the following Needs and Abilities.

Interaction with other Services

  • Events emitted by this service are of main interest for the DataLogger
  • The Selector relies on the ListMenu for all menu handling (display and usage)

More Documentation


This describes how to set up and run a MenuDisplay.


No special packages are required. If you have a running DWARF installation, do a make install in the MenuDisplay directory. This creates applications called ListMenuDisplay, PieMenuDisplay and DummyMenuListProvider which can all be started by command line. You should either start the ListMenuDisplay or the PieMenuDisplay depending on which visualization is desired.


Start either a ListMenuDisplay or a PieMenuDisplay, start some service which provides menu entries such as DummyMenuListProvider and start services which emit the events required to highlight and select menu entries.

For the PieMenu in production you would start the TouchpadGlove? with a button profile for selection and the PoseDataAngleInterpreter in conjunction with the IntersenseTracker? for highlighting.

For the ListMenu in production you would start the TouchpadGlove? with a slider & button profile to handle both highlighting and selection.

Command Line Parameter

You can use the following command line parameter when running DummyMenuListProvider:

  • -Dlist=<int>: specify the menu entry list which should be provided. Int must be between 1 and 5. (default: 3 with 5 menu entries)

Known Bugs and Limitations

It is advisable to wait a few seconds in between running the service-manager, the desired menu visualization and the DummyMenuListProvider to be certain that the services connect properly.


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