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The TouchGloveInterpreterService receives raw data from the TouchGloveService and tries to recognize high-level events like button clicks or slider moves. The user can provide specific profiles which contain information about the arrangement of different buttons and sliders on the TouchGlove input device.

Needs & Abilities

As stated in the TouchGloveInterpreterService.xml file, the service has the following Needs and Abilities.
  • Need: TGloveDataRaw?
  • Need: Configuration
  • Ability: InputDataAnalogLimited?
  • Ability: InputDataBool?

Interaction with other Services

The TouchGloveInterpreterService is a template service, which starts automatically, if an ability of InputDataAnalogLimited? or InputDataBool? is requested and the Configuration service is running. The profiles are received from the Configuration service.
Each profile consists of several input elements like buttons and sliders with unique ids. Unfortunately, the service manager of DWARF does not allow multivalue attributes. This causes a somehow dirty hack in the consumer XML description for selecting a profile. All ids of the required profile have to be concatenated to a string like the following way:
Accept, create, delete and select are the ids of the input elements. The ids have to be sorted lexically. In the consumer XML, a need for InputDataBool? and InputDataAnalogLimited? has to be created. These needs require a predicate called configurationKey, which asks for the string described above. If only a subset of a profile is needed, wildcards can be used in this predicate as well. Here is an example:
This predicate would ask for all profiles, which contain at least two input elements called create and select. In the events itself, the id of the input element is sent in the field event.header.fixed_header.event_name .
An example consumer XML is the ListMenuDisplay.xml.

More Documentation



Start the TouchGloveService, the Configuration and your consumer. The TouchGloveInterpreterService is started automatically.


Start the TouchGloveService and the Configuration. Afterwards, start DIVE and disable the filter. Choose a TouchGloveInterpreter template and debug the ability events.


You can change the time limit and the button time limit in the TouchGloveInterpreterService.xml, which is handles the distinction between button and slider events. Please refer to the documentation for details.

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