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The TouchGloveService is a DWARF driver service for the TouchGlove input device. This service connects to the hardware and sends out raw data events received from the touchpad. The TouchGlove input device is connected to the serial port.

Needs & Abilities

As stated in the TouchGloveService.xml file, the service has the following Needs and Abilities.
  • Ability: TGloveDataRaw?

Interaction with other Services

The raw data, which is provided by this service, is used by the TouchGloveInterpreterService and TouchGloveProfilerService.

More Documentation



Start TouchGloveService with command line parameter -DserialPort=/dev/xyz. xyz is the serial port device the TouchGlove is connected to.

Example: TouchGloveService -DserialPort=/dev/ttyS0

Attention: If the wrong port is given, strange things can happen. (e.g. if the mouse is connected to this port, the mouse will not work anymore)


Connect the TouchGlove hardware to the serial port. Afterwards, start the TouchGloveService with the serial port command line parameter. With the DIVE service, you can view the events, which are sent out.


There are additional two configuration possibilities:
  • Command line parameter touchpadMode: This optional parameter is for specifing the touchpad mode. Please refer to my documentation for details.
  • Touchpad resolution: The resolution of the touchpad (min/max x/y coordinates) is stored in the four attributes RangeMinX, RangeMinY, RangeMaxX and RangeMaxY in the TouchGloveService.xml. Depending on the touchpad used, the attribute values have to be modified.

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