Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality
Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

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Medical Augmented Reality



"Heart surgery Enhanced by Augmented Reality Techniques"; in Cooperation with Deutsches Herzzentrum, Munich.

Minimally invasive or totally endoscopic cardiac surgery is an operation technique in which physicians operate through small incision points at the operating region, either using endoscopic tools or master-slave robot systems. In either case, the field of view of the physician is quite limited to a small area around the operating region. To get more general overview, preoprative imaging and planning data can be used through Augmented Reality techniques.

Demo Heart

Industrial Augmented Reality

AR im Flugzeug


Entwicklung eines optischen Kopftrackingsystems zur Visualisierung eines Highway in the Sky mitels Augmented Reality in Privatflugzeugen.



The goal of CAR is to create a collaboration platform for computer scientists (UI programmers) and non-technicans (human factors, psychologists etc.). The platform allows collaborative design of visualizations and interaction metaphors to be used in the next-generation cars with Head-Up Displays. We focus on two scenarios: parking assistance and a tourist guide.

Demo CAR



This student praktikum focused on design and evaluation of car models. In cooperation with BMW AG, Munich.
Spring and fall semester 2001



This student praktikum focused on scenarios to support the inspection or repair of machines (Fischer Technik models).
Spring semester 2002

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Medical Image Registration

Calibration and Sensor Fusion


Ubiquitous Tracking

Augmented Reality applications are highly dependent from accurate and precise tracking data. Since current tracking technologies do not always provide such information everywhere in real-time application developer must combine certain trackers together to minimize the disadvantage of one tracker by another. These sensor networks can then be used to deliver positional relation information of objects to the application which then can be evaluated. By introducing the Ubitrack framework it is possible to form ubiquitous tracking environments which may consist of several sensor networks.

Demo Ubitrack

3D Computer Vision

User Interfaces for Augmented Reality



Zur Unterstützung der Fahrtechnikanalyse der Ski Alpin Nationalmannschaft werden die Bodenreaktionskräfte bei der Abfahrt gemessen und mit dem Fahrstil verglichen. Ziel des Projekts ist es, ein Konzept für eine neue, leichte, genaue und flexibel einsetzbare Messeinrichtung und eine Augmented Reality-basierte Datenvisualisierung zu entwickeln.



"Navigation Aid for Visually Impaired"; A talking streetmap for blind people. The system will be used by people who can't see or read the ouput given on a screen. Therefore we must provide feedback and ouput in acustic and tactile mode. The input must be designed in a way that the user knows also without seing something where in the menus he is and how he can get where he wants. During the navigation process a lot of events occur where the system has some informational output for the user. Through data filtering we want to guess which information the user wants to know and which information isn't of interest.

Demo Navi (Images)

Software Engineering for Augmented Reality



In this demo, we use a multiplayer shepherding game to explore the possibilities of mutimodal, multiuser interaction with wearable computing in an intelligent environment. The game is centered around a table with a beamerprojected pastoral landscape. Players can use different intuitive interaction technologies (beamer, screen, HMD, touchscreen, speech, gestures) offered by the mobile and stationary computers. Building on our DWARF framework, the system uses peer-to-peer, dynamically cooperating services to integrate different mobile devices (including spectators laptops) into the game.

Demo Sheep



For producing buildings in a collaborative way with all involved persons, ARCHIE (Augmented Reality Collaborative Home Improvement) shall be responsible for giving the system user the most familiar way to handle the information during the development process.

Demo ARCHIE -- internal project page



"Practical Application of Augmented Reality in Technical Integration"; in Cooperation with BMW AG, Munich.
(Fall 2001 - Fall 2002)



The TRAMP system (Traveling Repair and Maintenance Platform) was developed in a Praktikum with 50 student participants. The realized scenario was to guide a mechanic who is equipped with a wearable computer to a customer who has a car breakdown. The mechanic is also instructed by the system on the actual repair process to fix the car. (The project has been conducted at the Chair for Applied Softwareengineering.)



This was the first demonstration system for the DWARF framework. It shows Yet-Another-Campus-Navigaiton scenario but stays here for sentimental historic reasons (since it shows the old location of the computer science department in the heart of munich).



Sticky Technologies for Augmented Reality Systems.
Student Praktikum Winter 2000.

Augmented Reality & Entertainment


Break Out

An Augmented Reality computer game. Adapted version of good old Arkanoid or other wall breaking games.

Demo Chair.BreakOut

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