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trackman Downloads

Java SE Runtime Environment 6 (JRE or JDK) must be installed in order to run trackman. Have a look at the trackman manual for more detailed installation information.

You probably want to download Ubitrack, too. Otherwise, only offline SRG modeling functionality will be available. In this case, don't forget to setup your trackman.conf file properly in order to enable the Ubitrack bindings and enable online data flow interaction functionality in trackman. A sample trackman.conf file is included in the bin/ subdirectory of the package.

After installation, you may want to check whether your configuration works properly. For this, download this simple SRG file which does not need any real hardware. Rather, it contains a virtual Test Sensor, which is sufficient to prove that running Ubitrack data flows works properly. Load it in trackman (via context menu of "Local SRGs") and instantiate it ("Instantiate" in context menu of the loaded SRG). Two windows should pop up. One of them should show a 3D view with black background and a coordinate system which is moving according to the pose (position and orientation) data generated by the Test Sensor. Congratulations! Press the Stop button to terminate the running dataflow.

trackman 1.10.00

This is a major release containing many many improvements regarding the modelling engine as well as bugfixes and other enhancements.
Have a look at the changelog for further information.


trackman 1.00.01

This release has been tested with Ubitrack 1.0.

The Java3D dependency has been removed.
Many many bugfixes have been incorporated, have a look at the changelog for further information.


trackman 1.00.00

This release has been tested with Ubitrack 1.0 RC2.

This release still depends on a Java 3D installation available in your JRE.

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