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The following steps have to be carried out for generation of a new trackman release.

  1. Create JAR file
    1. Make an entry in the changelog on the trackman homepage
    2. In class MainFrameView, increment the version number (format: <major>.<minor>.<build>)
    3. If used libraries changed, adapt classpath in ''
    4. Choose 'Create JAR' in the context menu of file 'ubiman.jardesc'. The created jar will be written to 'ubiman/trunk/bin/'
  2. Create ZIP file
    1. Template exists under 'dist/trackman'. Maybe, symlinks have to be adapted, if libraries or documentation changes
    2. Current versions of the pattern templates are linked under 'bin/' (for testing the jar) and also under 'dist/trackman/bin' (so that they are shipped with the zip-file. (For development, you should set the working directory to 'bin/'.
    3. Use Ark to zip folder 'ubiman/trunk/dist/trackman'. It contains some files statically copied there and a bunch of pattern template, library and documentation symlinks under 'bin/', 'lib' and 'doc/'. Deactivate the 'Store symlinks as links' option in the configuration settings of ark before.
      Alternatively, in the 'dist' subdirectory, use the following command-line:
      zip -r trackman_<major>.<minor>.<build>.zip trackman/
    4. Name created archive according to the following format: 'trackman_<major>.<minor>.<build>.zip'
    5. Commit the whole branch (not only the eclipse project), comment is 'released trackman <major>.<minor>.<build>'
  3. Provide new release to others
    1. Copy the new archive to 'trackframe/dist/' in the trackframe repository
    2. Add it to svn
    3. Commit, comment is 'released trackman <major>.<minor>.<build>'
    4. Write an email to '', subject is 'Released trackman <major>.<minor>.<build>'

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