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Lab Course / Praktikum: Project Management and Software Development for Medical Applications

by Prof. Nassir Navab and Dr. Ulrich Eck and Dr. Benjamin Frisch
Tutors: Marco Esposito, Rüdiger Göbl
Type: Master Practical Course Module IN2106, Module IN8902, Module IN4136
SWS: 6
Programs: Biomedical Computing (Master), Informatics (Master), Informatics (Diploma)
ECTS: 10 Credits

Preliminary Meeting ("Vorbesprechung"):
Further Meetings: See schedule below

This course in TUMOnline: Link
The course will be conducted in English.


Please check back here regularly, as important news will be posted here.
  • 01FEB2017: !NEW! The Final presentation schedule is now online!
  • 18NOV2016: The Intermediate presentation schedule is now online!


Please register in the matching system for the course registration between 01.07.2016 and 06.07.2016 (link). Keep in mind that your chances to be assigned to the course increase if you give it a higher rank in your choices. For further details about how the matching system works and its schedule please check this website.

General content

The Lab Course is intended to teach the basic concepts of software project management and development for medical applications. You will be confronted with a brief introduction to software project management concepts such as requirement analysis, software design, coding guidelines and unified modeling language (UML). In addition, topics like software version control, deployment engineering and testing will be explored. You will be assigned a medical software project to apply the mentioned concepts in a real-life scenario.


This course requires basic knowledge of C++. The concepts of OO Programming and other concepts as conducted in the Introduction to CS lecture are assumed.


Date Place Topic Conducted by Materials
30.06.2016 08:00-09:00 03.13.010 Preliminary meeting ("Vorbesprechung") Dr. Benjamin Frisch  
18.10.2016, 0900-1200 Room: 03.13.010 Lecture: Organizational Issues, Presentation Tips, Project Announcements Dr. Benjamin Frisch Slides
19.10.2016, 1400-1700 Room: 03.13.010 Lecture: Software Project Management (SPM) + Unified Modeling Language (UML) Dr. Benjamin Frisch + Rüdiger Göbl Slides Project Management Slides UML
19.10.2016, 2100 e-mail Deadline to send project preferences. Assignments published later this evening. Seminar Participants  
27.10.2016, 0900 - 1200 Room: 01.09.014 Project Requirements Presentations Seminar Participants  
09.11.2016, 1400 - 1700 Room: 03.13.010 Lecture: Documentation, Tests, Design Patterns & Integration Strategy Marco Esposito  
23.11.2016, 1200 - 1600 Room: IFL Intermediate Presentations Seminar Participants  
08.02.2017, 1400 - 1700 Room: 03.13.010 Final Presentations Part I Course Tutors, Seminar Participants  
09.02.2017, 1400 - 1700 Room: 03.13.010 Final Presentations Part II Course Tutors, Seminar Participants  

Final Presentations Schedule

10 minutes slot for each presenter. Your presentation has to last at least 9 minutes. It should last 10 minutes. You will be interrupted after 10 minutes 20 seconds, no exceptions made.


Slot Name
1 Tucker
2 Chokovski
3 Estrada
4 Fokuhl
5 Ramadani
6 Lisitsyna
7 Martin
8 Papathanasis


Slot Name
1 Hamad
2 Schneider
3 Spier
4 Teplitzki
5 Tzioras
6 Waldmannstaetter
7 Weigert

Available Projects

Projects will be announced in due time and presented during the introductory meeting. Please communicate your selection (first, second and third choice) by 19.10.2016, 2100 .

ID Student Project Title Supervisor Additional Material
1 Lisitsyna Estimation of Patient Pose from Sparse Sensor Data Felix Achilles Project Description
2 Segmentation of Bone Structures for Pre-Operative Planning Felix Achilles Project Description
3 Estrada Supervised segmentation of brain tumors using location and texture features and random forests Esther Alberts Project Description
4 Hamad A virtual multi-view Optical Tracking System Benjamin Busam Project Description
5 Papathanasis Automatic Pose Synchronization Benjamin Busam Project Description
6 Schneider FMtrack - Optical Tracking System for Medical Procedural Simulator Benjamin Busam
Patrick Wucherer
Project Description
7 Fokuhl Small Animal Multimodal Graphical User Interface Jorge Cabello? Project Description
8 Waldmannstaetter Automatic segmentation of brain tumors on MR images using symmetry information and Random walks Gabriel Castrillon? Project Description
9 Porting a Tracking and Sensor Fusion Framework for the Microsoft Hololens Ulrich Eck Project Description
10 Real-Time Volume Rendering on the Microsoft Hololens Ulrich Eck Project Description
11 Tucker Head tracking for natural human-robot interaction Marco Esposito Project Description
12 Teplitzki EDENTool for Needle Tracking Rüdiger Göbl Project Description
13 Chokovski Deep Learning for Biomedicine Vladimir Golkov Project Description
14 Computer assisted measurement of colorectal polyp size Diana Mateus Project Description
15 2D/3D Registration with Computational Sonography Diana Mateus Project Description
16 Ramadani Automatic detection and elimination of the chest wall from breast MR images for improved tumour segmentation Stephan Nekolla Project Description
17 Spier Normal Databases in Nuclear Cardiac Imaging: how to define abnormality Stephan Nekolla Project Description
18 Martin EDENTool for multi-modal image registration Julia Rackerseder Project Description
19 Tzioras MCI to AD progression prediction through joint functional-structural MRI features Federico Tombari Project Description
20 Weigert Natural Interface for Robot Control Salvatore Virga Project Description

Passing requirements

  • Active participation in presentation meetings. Presence during the lectures is not mandatory but highly recommended.
  • Submission of all assignments in time
  • Present your final assignment work



Documenting your code

  • Doxygen, a documentation system for C++, C, Java, Objective-C, Python, IDL (Corba and Microsoft flavors), Fortran, VHDL, PHP, C#, and to some extent D.

MS Visual Studio (2015)

  • Can be downloaded from the TUM Microsoft Imagine
  • Short tutorial on how to create a Win32 Console Project, and to run it
  • Tutorial with some debugging tips and tricks in MS Visual Studio (this tutorial features some C# code, but the tips and tricks shown should work similarly on C++ code).


  • Github, a freeware Github client for Mac/Windows
  • A nice Github tutorial for beginners
  • You can ask your Tutors how to create an account on our CAMPgit.




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Title: Project Management and Software Development for Medical Applications
Professor: Prof. Nassir Navab and Dr. Ulrich Eck and Dr. Benjamin Frisch
Tutors: Marco Esposito, Rüdiger Göbl
Type: Praktikum
Information: 6 SWS, 10 ECTS Credits
Term: 2016WiSe

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