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Keynote Speakers

# Name Title
1 Prof. Dr. Dieter Schmalstieg Inverse Rendering for Photorealistic Mixed Reality
2 Dr. Olaf Kähler Real-Time Large-Scale Dense 3D Reconstruction with Loop Closure
3 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Birkfellner Physics and Computer Science

CAMP Post-Doc Session

# Name
1 Dr. Tobias Lasser
2 Dr. Maximilian Baust
3 Dr. Christoph Hennersperger
4 Dr. Ulrich Eck
5 Dr. Seyed-Ahmad Ahmadi
6 Dr. Shadi Albarqouni
7 Dr. Marie Piraud
8 Dr. Federico Tombari
9 Dr. Tingying Peng (remotely)

General Talk Sessions

General talks should last 5-7 minutes followed by an equal time for questions and discussion.
# Name Title
1 Christian Rupprecht Representing Ambiguity Through Multiple Hypotheses
2 Sailesh Conjeti Deep Learning with Graphs (Tutorial on Graph Convolution Networks)
3 Julia Rackerseder Near real-time registration of 3D iUS in Neurosurgery
4 Javier Esteban Towards Robotic Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
5 Mehrdad Salehi Ultrasound/CT Bone Surface Registration
6 Christoph Baur Auxiliary Manifold Embedding for FCNs / Medical Image Synthesis with GANs (tentatively)
7 Marco Esposito Trajectory prediction for tele-echograpy
8 Sai Gokul Hariharan Denoising of Biomedical Images with Low Photon Counts
9 Benjamin Busam Interpolation and Regression in Pose Space with (Dual) Quaternions
10 Mai Bui Deep Learning-based Camera Re-Localization
11 Salvatore Virga Deformation Correction in 3D Robotic Ultrasound
12 Anca Stefanoiu An imaging platform for neurobehavioral dynamics
13 Keisuke Tateno CNN-SLAM: Real-time dense monocular SLAM with learned depth prediction
14 Abhijit Guha Roy Learning Fully Convolutional Networks with Limited Data
15 Tolga Birdal A Minimalist Approach to Type-Agnostic Detection of Quadrics in Point Clouds
16 Nicola Rieke & Iro Laina Concurrent Segmentation and Localization for Tracking of Surgical Instruments
17 Anees Kazi Cross Modal Manifold Learning for Image Retrieval
18 Chen Xiao EKF-based Visual-Inertial Odometry
19 Jakob Weiss Towards a Fully Digital Environment in Retinal Microsurgery
20 Kristians Diaz  
21 Philipp Stefan Simulation in Training, Assessment, Technology Evaluation
22 Oliver Scheel Using Supervised Learning for Learning Driving Maneuvers
23 Haowen Deng Deep Learning-based local feature for 3D Object
24 Sergey Zakharov Deep Learning-based 3D Object Instance Recognition and Pose Estimation
25 Mira Slavcheva KillingFusion?: Non-rigid 3D Reconstruction without Correspondences
26 Amal Lahiani Deep learning in digital pathology
27 Leslie Casas Modelling human motion with Variational Autoencoders
28 Dong Wang Keypoint Matching based on Convolutional Neural Network
29 Alexander Barthel Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Displays for Surgical Interventions
30 Jakob Mayr SLAM in Automotive Context
31 Jie Ying Tracking K-wires in 3D from RGB Stereo Cameras using Deep Learning
32 Gerome Vivar Semi-supervised learning with Variational Auto-Encoder
33 Johanna Wald  
34 Fabian Manhardt 2D object dection and 6D pose estimation
35 Nikolas Brasch Real-time lane detection via semantic segmentation
36 Roger Soberanis An overview on polyp size estimation
37 Huseyin Coskun Recurrent Neural Estimators for Pose Regularization
38 Dr. Jan Egger Surgical Planning Applications
39 Okan Erat Drone-Augmented Human Vision
40 Dr. Denis Kalkofen Augmented Reality Tutorials

Undergraduate Speakers

# Name Title
1 Stefan Matl Multi-modal Deformable Registration in the Context of Neurosurgical Brain Shift
2 Sasan Matinfar SonifEye?: Towards Automatic Musical Augmentation of Surgical Procedures
3 Arianne Tran Ultrasound Calibration through Convolutional Networks
4 Sara Hajmohammadalitorkabadi Interpolation on Model-Independent CS to Allow for Full Analysis from Sparse Data
5 Fernando Navarro  
6 Maria Tirindelli Neural Network-based method for catheter's segmentation in 3D ultrasound images
7 Josue Page Light Field Depth Estimation through Iterative Methods
8 Amelia Jimenez Sanchez Classification of Femur Fractures based on Deep Learning
9 Liesa Weigert  
10 Hasan Sarhan  
11 Magdalini Paschali  

If you have any questions, please ask us.

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