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CAMP at the Oktoberfest 2007

This year, I'll reserve some tables for us at the Wiesn. Please vote for a tent and add yourself to the participants list.

Deadline: 09.02.2007

Vote for your favored tent

leftbarmainbarrightbar40.9% (9)
leftbarmainbarrightbar31.8% (7)
leftbarmainbarrightbar13.6% (3)
Fischer-Vroni (lol)
leftbarmainbarrightbar4.5% (1)
leftbarmainbarrightbar4.5% (1)
leftbarmainbarrightbar4.5% (1)


As far as I know,every participant has to pay at least 2 Maß and 1/2 Chicken in advance. But that's an amount everyone can handle easily smile
For the dates, I selected the two Fridays. Please mark those that are suited for you. I'll choose the one with the most marks.

Question: What happens with the people that does not drink beer? Do they get a "Maß Wasser"?

Edit by Martin H.: No, that would be an Unding! But it should be possible to get coupons for non-alcoholic drinks too.

Edit: Of course you can bring your friend/girlfriend/spouse. Just add them separately to the list.

name 28.09.2007 05.10.2007
Martin Horn x x
Nicolas Padoy x x
Hauke Heibel x x
Ben Glocker x x
Martin Groher x x
Tobias Lasser x x
Steffi im Dirndl x x
Da Bichlmoa x x
Hofi x x
Stefan Hinterstoisser x x
Thomas Wendler x x
Simon Nestler x x
Andreas Keil x x
Martin Bauer x x
Ralf Stauder x x
Frederik Bender x x
Gamsbart-Marco x x
Zickig x x
Tobias Sielhorst mit oder ohne?    
Saupreiß x x
Henning Herbers x x
A Schwob 2x 2x
Prof. Meinzer 18x 18x
Selen x x
Alexander Ladikos x x
Pierre Georgel x x
Uli Klank x x
Da Lindl Bua x x
Marcus Tönnis x x
Moritz "Moe" Blume x x
Tobias Blum x x
Peter Keitler x x
Ahmad Ahmadi x x


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