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Assessment of Fluid Tissue Interaction Using Multi-Modal Image Fusion for Characterization and Progression of Coronary Atherosclerosis

Assessment of Fluid Tissue Interaction Using Multi-Modal Image Fusion for Characterization and Progression of Coronary Atherosclerosis

In medical collaboration with:
Department of Cardiology, Medizinische Poliklinik der Universität München (Germany)
Department of Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine, Yeditepe Üniversitesi (Turkey)

Scientific Director: Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gözde Ünal, Sabanci Üniversitesi (Turkey)

Contact Person(s): Dr. Stefanie Demirci

Keywords: Registration / Visualization, Segmentation, Medical Imaging, Computer-aided Interventions, Past Projects


Coronary artery diseases such as atherosclerosis are the leading cause of death in the industrialized world. In this project, we develop computational tools for segmentation and registration problems on intravascular images including IVUS (Intravascular Ultrasound) and OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography). One sample component of this project is Automatic Stent Implant Follow-up from Intravascular OCT Pullbacks. The stents are automatically detected and their distribution is analyzed for monitoring of the stents: their malpositioning and/or tissue growth over stent struts.


Figure 1: CFD of main coronary artery


G.Gul-Isguder, G. Unal, M. Groher, N. Navab, A.K.Kalkan, M. Degertekin, H.Hetterich, J.Rieber
Manifold Learning for Image-Based Gating of Intravascular Ultrasound(IVUS) Pullback Sequences
5th International Workshop on Medical Imaging and Augmented Reality, Sep 2010, Beijing (bib)
A. Taki, H.Hetterich, A. Roodaki, S.K. Setarehdan, G. Unal, J.Rieber, N. Navab, A. Konig
A new approach for improving coronary plaque component analysis based on intravascular ultrasound images
Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology., vol. 36, no. 8, pp. 1245-1258, August 2010 (bib)
A. Taki, O. Pauly, S.K. Setarehdan, G. Unal, N. Navab
IVUS-based histology of atherosclerotic plaques: improving longitudinal resolution
SPIE Medical Imaging, San Diego, California, USA, 13-18 February 2010 (bib)
A. Taki, A. Roodaki, O. Pauly, S.K. Setarehdan, G. Unal, N. Navab
A new method for characterization of coronary plaque composition via IVUS images
IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro (ISBI 2009), Boston, Massachusetts, USA, June 28 - July 1, 2009 (bib)

Clinical Relevance

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) still remains the leading cause of morbidity and mortality among western countries. The appearance of CAD can range from stable angina pectoris to acute coronary syndromes (ACS), which are associated with increased mortality. Acute coronary syndromes are usually caused by acute plaque rupture, which leads to local thrombosis and occlusion of the respective coronary vessel. The localization of atherosclerotic lesions is not randomly distributed but show a characteristic pattern with preferred location at branches or bends. This results in locally different shear stress levels and flow-tissue interaction which can promote atherosclerosis.


Contact Person(s)

Stefanie Demirci
Dr. Stefanie Demirci

Working Group


Arash Taki
Dr. Arash Taki
Gozde Isguder
Gozde Isguder
Martin Groher
Dr. Martin Groher
Olivier Pauly
Dr. Olivier Pauly


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