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Semi-Automatic Patellar Cartilage Segmentation

Semi-Automatic Patellar Cartilage Segmentation

Scientific Director: Nassir Navab

Contact Person(s): Ben Glocker

Keywords: Segmentation, Medical Imaging


Development and refinement of a software system for semi-automatic segmentation of the patellar cartilage is the main goal of this project. By providing tools for sub-pixel accurate edge tracing, automatic contour completion, and adequate visualization, a remarkable speed-up of the physicians segmentation process can be achieved. Also, improved exactness can be reached for cartilage segmentation if expertise and automation are merged in a meaningful way.

Detailed Project Description

see also: Assessment of Knee Cartilage


Figure 1: Part of the patellar cartilage segmentation (red vs. green background) superimposed onto original magnetic resonance image of a volunteer’s knee. On the lefthand side, there is no contrast between the patellar and femoral cartilages. Standard (contrast based) automatic segmentation algorithms will fail in such situations. On the righthand side, however, fully manual segmentation would be unnecessarily tedious.
Figure 2: Tracing a contour. Holding the mouse button, the user drags to the right in this situation, roughly indicating the location of the cartilage surface (orange). The contour automatically sticks to the sub-pixel accurate egde points (small yellow wedges) computed in a preprocessing step.
Figure 3: Complete segmentation of one slice. Magnification of a detail in the upper right corner reveals the sub-pixel accuracy of the segmentation.
Figure 4: Combined rendition of skew plane of original MRI volume and segmented patellar cartilage.


J. M. Raya Garcia del Olmo, A. Horng, L. König, M. Reiser, Ch. Glaser
Detecting Statistically Significant Changes in Cartilage Thickness with Sub-Voxel Precision
Proceedings of the 18th congress of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM 2010), Stockholm, Sweden. Presentation 3192, electronic poster session “Meniscus & Cartilage” (bib)
L. König, M. Groher, A. Keil, Ch. Glaser, M. Reiser, N. Navab
Semi-Automatic Segmentation of the Patellar Cartilage in MRI
Proc. of Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin (BVM 2007), Munich, Germany, March 2007. The original publication is available online at (bib)


Contact Person(s)

Ben Glocker
Dr. Ben Glocker

Working Group

Ben Glocker
Dr. Ben Glocker
Christian Glaser
Dr. Christian Glaser
Lorenz König
Dipl.-Inf. Univ. Lorenz König
Nassir Navab
Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab
Shanshan Cui
Shanshan Cui


Martin Groher
Dr. Martin Groher


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Campus Grosshadern
Marchioninistrae 15
81377 München

Lab - Room: 4K U1 912
Tel.: +49 89 7095 4606
Visit our lab at Klinikum Grosshadern.

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Please contact Ben Glocker for available student projects within this research project.

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