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Simulated Ultrasound

Simulated Ultrasound

In medical collaboration with:
Dr. Marc Martignoni (Klinikum rechts der Isar)
Dr. Sandro Heining (Klinikum Innenstadt)

Contact Person(s): Tobias Blum

Keywords: Registration / Visualization, Medical Imaging, HMD and Visualization


We are simulating Ultrasound images from CT volumes by assuming a correlation between Hounsfield units and acoustic impedance. Rays are cast trough the CT volume to simulate the US image formation. Simulated Ultrasound from CT can be used for CT/Ultrasound registration by comparing a real US image to simulated ones. Another application of simulated US is training.


T. Blum, A. Rieger, N. Navab, H. Friess, M. E. Martignoni
A Review of Computer-Based Simulators for Ultrasound Training
Simulation in Healthcare, Volume 8, Number 2, pp. 98-108 (bib)
T. Blum, S.M. Heining, O. Kutter, N. Navab
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8th IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR 2009), Orlando, USA, October 2009, pp. 177-178. The original publication is available online at (bib)
T. Blum, M. E. Martignoni, H. Friess, N. Navab
An Ultrasound Simulator for Training using CT-based Simulation of Ultrasound Images
5th Russian-Bacarian Conference on Bio-Medical Engineering, Munich, Germany, July 2009 (bib)
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Medical Image Analysis 12(5), pp 577-585, October 2008 (bib)
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Simulation and Fully Automatic Multimodal Registration of Medical Ultrasound
Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI 2007), Brisbane, Australia, October 2007. Received the MICCAI 2007 Young Scientist Award. (bib)


Contact Person(s)

Tobias Blum
Dr. Tobias Blum

Working Group

Athanasios Karamalis
Dr. Athanasios Karamalis
Oliver Kutter
Dr. Oliver Kutter
Tobias Blum
Dr. Tobias Blum
Tobias Reichl
Dr. Tobias Reichl


Ramtin Shams
Ramtin Shams
Wolfgang Wein
Dr. Wolfgang Wein


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