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Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

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13 October 2015,
Fully Immersive Simulation Environment (trivial phone call distraction)
A trivial phone call scenario which distracts one resident surgeon compared to the other. This distraction resulted on higher cognitive workload and a decrease in technical accuracy during simulation surgery training.
29 September 2015,
Augmented Reality to Optical Coherence Tomography
The video demonstrates our proposed medical Augmented Reality (AR) solution to the long-known problem of determining the distance between the surgical instrument tip and the underlying tissue in ophthalmic surgery to further pave the way of AR into the surgical theater.
24 September 2015,
Muscle AR Rehabilitation
A simply example of Muscle AR Rehabilitation.
24 September 2015,
X-ray Radiation Simulation & Awareness
X-ray Radiation Simulation & Awareness
30 July 2015,
RGBD Xray imaging system
First design and experimental validation of a mirror-based RGBD Xray imaging system.
18 July 2012,
First Deployments of Augmented Reality in Operating Rooms
The IEEE Computer journal published a cover feature on augmented reality. We wrote one of the articles, on first deployments of augmented reality in operating rooms. We also have been involved in creating the AR-enabled cover of the journal.
18 February 2009,
Medical Augmented Reality - An Overview over the Projects at NARVIS
In collaboration with, which is a web based multi-media platform for communicating advances in the field of health care, we created a video showcasing the ongoing research at NARVIS lab, which is located at Klinikum Innenstadt in Munich and run by the department of trauma surgery, LMU, Munich and our chair. For all topics presented in the video, we have student projects available.
6 June 2008,
What are we doing?
30 October 2006,
Interactive Visualization of the Predicted Accuracy of Marker-Based Optical Tracking Systems
Video to a Demonstration given at ISMAR 2006.
12 October 2006,
EVI - Easy Visualization In-Situ
You like augmented feet? Then this is the right video for you!
11 October 2006,
2D-3D Registration on Angiographic Images
The MICCAI video of Martin Groher's paper about 2D-3D Registration on Angiographic Images
29 June 2006,
Recovery of surgical workflow without explicit models
The video of the workflow project which was used for application to MICCAI 2006.

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