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Going To MICCAI 2014

Welcome to the organization page for MICCAI 2014.

The previous table has been commented out since we created that one before acceptance/rejection notifications and therefore it was not valid anymore. Please enter the details of your planned MICCAI 2014 visit in Boston, MA, USA in the table below.

Name MICCAI Paper? First Author? Workshop Paper Funding? additional or total support Registered? Flight Booked? Accommodation? Shirt size
Asli Okur yes yes no partially (TUM Stipend) 1000€ yes yes yes (w/ Jose or Tingying) XS or S (lady cut)
Oliver Zettinig yes yes yes no total sum < 1500€ yes yes yes M
Silvan Kraft yes yes no 1500€ (graduate school) Pls Ask Radiology to complete yes yes yes (6er room Fausto) L
Christoph Hennersperger yes yes no MICCAI Award 1000€ yes not yet not yet M
Philipp Matthies yes no no no total sum < 1500€ not yet yes yes (staying at a friend) M
Fausto Milletari yes yes yes partially total sum < 1500€ yes yes yes (6er room no more free bed) M
Ralf Stauder no no no no total sum < 1500€ yes yes yes (6er room Fausto) M
Amit Shah no no yes yes (Picosec) no no Yes Yes M
Sebastian Poelsterl no no no no (possibly Siemens?) total sum < 1500€ yes going by car from Princeton, flying back to FRA yes (6er room Richard) L
Loic Peter yes yes no not yet (possibly SFB?) total sum < 1500€ yes yes yes (6er room Richard) M
Severine Habert yes no no BFS phd stipend (sum < 1500€) no yes yes yes (6er room Fausto) XS or S (lady cut)
Jose Gardiazabal yes yes no BFS (2500 Eur - approved) no yes yes yes L
Ben Fuerst no no no JHU no yes going by car not yet ?
Benjamin Frisch yes no no yes (endoTOFPET) ? yes yes yes (w/ Jose) XL
Mehmet Yigitsoy yes yes no maybe (Zeiss) total sum < 1500€ yes yes yes (6er room Fausto) M
Pascal Fallavollita yes yes no Leonhard Lorenz-Stiftung (1500€) ? yes Yes Yes M
Tingying Peng yes yes no yes, Humboldt no yes not yet not yet ?
Christian Schulte zu Berge yes no yes BMBF (2500€ approved) no yes yes yes (6er room Richard) XL (if it's small fit: XXL)
Richard no yes yes Siemens - Flight +900 (chair) yes yes yes (6er room Richard) XL
Peter Maday no yes yes Siemens - Flight +1100 (chair) yes not yet yes (6er room Fausto) XL
Tobias Benz no yes yes Siemens - Flight +900 (chair) yes yes yes (6er room Richard) M
Shadi Albarqouni no yes yes yes (DZNE) total sum < 1500€ yes yes yes L
Ahmad Ahmadi no no yes yes (LMU clinical) - yes yes not needed M
Kristof Ralovich yes yes no yes (siemens) - yes yes yes M


- Nassir has checked the list and has added a new column 'additional or total support'. Here is exactly what he wrote: The numbers written here are the maximum which will be written on your trip requests and paid by the chair. If you would go for the accommodation option below or share rooms/apartments with others you would not need to pay much from your own pocket to complete. If some of you do not want to follow this, then you will need to pay towards this trip beyond the maximum covered by the chair. So be aware of this! -- Asli


After booking your flight, please enter the dates that you will be in Boston in the table so that we can organize who shares the room/apartment with whom to optimize the costs.

Name Arrival Date Flight Info Departure Date Flight Info Ticket Price Additional Info
Asli Okur 12 Sep LH 424 (direct) 19 Sep n/a 635€ Will fly back from Washington IAD on 24 Sep LH415 (direct)
Jose Gardiazabal 12 Sep LH 424 (direct) 19 Sep LH 425 (direct) 950€  
Philipp Matthies 12 Sep LH 424 (direct) 20 Sep LH 421 / LH 106 644€ Connection in Frankfurt FRA by return flight
Sebastian Poelsterl 13 Sep NA 19 Sep LH 423   Flying back to FRA
Ralf Stauder 13 Sep LH 424 (direct) 21 Sep LH 423 / LH 92 915€ Arriving on evening of 13th b/c of CURAC in Munich
Fausto Milletari 12 Sep LH 424 (direct) 23 Sep LH 425 (direct) 745€ I think i will leave Boston on the 19th or 20th
Severine Habert 12 Sep KL1794 -> KL6067 21 Sep AF0333 -> AF1622 626€ connection: amsterdam on the way and then paris on the way back
Amit Shah 13 Sep LH 424 (direct) 21 Sep LH 413 (direct) 981€ return flight from New York
Mehmet Yigitsoy 13 Sep DL9493 + DL267 20 Sep DL243 + DL8458 650€ MUC->AMS->BOS, BOS->CDG->MUC
Benjamin Frisch 13 Sep LH 424 19 Sep n/a too much Flight to DCA and stay one week at JHU
Christian Schulte zu Berge 12 Sep LH 424 18 Sep LH 425 1101.37 €  
Richard 12 Sep BA951>BA215 (MUC>LHR>BOS) 19 Sep BA202>BA952 (BOS>LHR>MUC) 603€  
Pascal 13 Sept BA953>BA239 17 Sep BA214>BA952 647€  
Christoph 12 Sep UA107>UA1146 26 Sep UA132 927€ One week BOS & one week work @ JHU
Oliver Zettinig 12 Sep AC847>AC368 21 Sep AC7387>AC846 650€ via Toronto YYZ
Silvan Kraft 13 Sep LH424 (direct) 23 Sep LH 425 (direct) 964 20th-23rd in Toronto
Tobias Benz 12 Sep BA951>BA215 (MUC>LHR>BOS) 19 Sep BA202>BA952 (BOS>LHR>MUC) 635€  
Shadi Albarqouni 13 Sep LH 111 + LH 420 19 Sep LH 425 (direct) 1356€ connection: Frankfurt on the way


Overview of accommodation booking/reservation and room sharing until now:

Name Check-in Check-out Hotel/Hostel Room Type Total Price Price per Person Sharing Room With Comments
Fausto Milletari 12 Sep 19 Sep HI Boston 6-person mixed dormitory (all beds) 2139.30$ 356.55$ Mehmet, Peter, Ralf, Severine, Silvan Everybody pays for their own bed at check-in
Jose Gardiazabal 13 Sep 19 Sep HI Boston Private Room with 1 double + 1 single bed 1499.34$ n/a Benjamin, Asli Asli and Jose stay the first niight (12 sep) in Fausto's room/
Richard Brosig 12 Sep 19 Sep HI Boston 6-person mixed dormitory (all beds) 2139.30$ 356.55$ Richard, SzB, Tobi B., Sebastian, Loic, Christoph SzB will leave already on Thursday
Amit Shah 13 Sep 19 Sep Holiday Inn Private Room 916$   Oliver, Amit  
Shadi Albarqouni 13 Sep 19 Sep Crowne Plaza Private Room $1476      

As most of you already found out by now, in general hotels are extremely expensive in Boston and if 4 people would not share a room (2 people sleeping in the same bed) there is no way we can finance accommodation in hotels for all of us.

However, I found a very nice hostel with very good ratings and reasonable prices.

Booking.com: Link

Their own webpage: http://bostonhostel.org/

They have free wifi and free breakfast included.

The options are as following:

- Private rooms (they only have 1 or 2 of such rooms available)

One double bed and one single bed with private bathroom. Accommodates up to 3 people, however the receipt is on one name, meaning we can book such rooms for people with funding such as Jose, Amit or Tingying, and 1-2 people can share the same room with no additional costs.

- Dormitories

A bed in 4-bed or 6-bed dormitory: The prices are per beds, no room booking possible. Everybody gets a receipt on their names. If 6 people would share a room the cost for 7 nights accommodation per person would be 338 Euros. The bathrooms and toilets are shared in the hallway, so staying 6 people in one room should not be problematic. Every person gets linens, towels and a locker.

The good thing about this is, that you pay when you are there, and there is free cancellation up to 2 days in advance. It is really close to subway station so the conference venue will be reached in 20 mins.

If we all stay there it will be also fun.

So this hostel is our base/back-up solution for the accommodation, especially for those who have limited funding.

You should reserve rooms/beds now, and we can cancel if we find other better options. One thing to note. If any of you reserve your beds individually, there is no guarantee that you would be in the same room. However, if one of you reserves the whole room (no payment in advance needed, just the credit card for approval), than you all can be in the same room and at check in you will all pay separately and get individual receipts.

Please contact me (Asli Okur) if you have any questions and if you find any other options. Also please let me know if you already reserved a bed/room and who are you sharing the room with.

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