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Port Placement in Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Surgery

Port Placement in Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Surgery

In medical collaboration with:
Dr. Thomas Mussack (Klinikum Innenstadt)
Dr. Sandro M. Heining (Klinikum Innenstadt)
Dr. R. Bauernschmitt (Herzzentrum)
Dr. S. Wildhirt (Herzzentrum)

Contact Person(s): Marco Feuerstein

Keywords: Registration / Visualization, Computer-Aided Surgery, Past Projects


Optimal port placement is a delicate issue in minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. A good choice of the instruments' and endoscope's ports can avoid time-consuming consecutive new port placement. We present a novel method to intuitively and precisely plan the port placement. The patient is registered to its pre-operative CT by just moving the endoscope around fiducials, which are attached to the patient's thorax and are visible in its CT. Their 3D positions are automatically reconstructed. Without prior time-consuming segmentation, the pre-operative CT volume is directly rendered with respect to the endoscope or instruments. This enables the simulation of a camera flight through the patient's interior along the instruments' axes to easily validate possible ports.


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The original publication is available online at
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Proceedings of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS 2004), pp. 735 - 740, Chicago, USA, June 2004 (bib)


Contact Person(s)

Marco Feuerstein
Dr. Marco Feuerstein

Working Group

Nassir Navab
Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab
Sandro Heining
Dr. med. Sandro Heining
Thomas Mussack
Prof. Dr. Thomas Mussack


Eva Braun
Dr. med. Eva Braun
Joerg Traub
Dr. Joerg Traub
Robert Bauernschmitt
Prof. Dr. Robert Bauernschmitt
Stephen Wildhirt
Prof. Dr. Stephen Wildhirt


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