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Oberseminar: Computer Aided Medical Procedures and Augmented Reality

Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab

Weekly meeting

Friday, 10:30am in MI 03.13.010

The seminar takes place continuously (also during the semester break) In order to arrange a talk, please register through our Oberseminar Anmeldeformular. This can only be done by the Project Supervisors.

Talk Duration

The following table gives hard times in minutes for the duration of talks.

Type Intro Final
Talk Discussion Talk Discussion
DA / MA 10 5 20 10
BA 10 5 20 10
SEP 10 5 15-20 10
IDP 10 5 15-20 10
HiWi 10 5 20 10


Date Presentors Topic Further information
2017-09-01 Felix Scheidhammer BA kick-off: Pose-aware rendering of live ultrasound data for mixed medical AR Contact person: Benjamin Busam
2017-08-11 Wei Ni MA final: Detection of Complex Stents in Live Fluoroscopic Images for Endovascular Aneurysm Repair Contact person: Shadi Albarqouni
Nour Eddin Al-Orjany IDP final: A comparative study on unsupervised deep learning methods Contact person: Christoph Baur
Merkourios Simos MA kick-off: Immersive surgical teleconsulting using Virtual and Augmented reality Supervisor: Ulrich Eck
Julia Doerner BA kick-off: Development of a Medical AR User Interface for Spine Surgery Augmentations with Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Displays Supervisor: Ulrich Eck
Maximilian Geissler IDP kick-off: Eye Tracking Infrastructure for Medical Training Supervisor: Ulrich Eck
Patrick Ruhkamp MA final: Monocular Reconstruction and Tracking in non-rigid Environments Contact person: Benjamin Busam
2017-07-14 Arianne Tran MA kick-off: Ultrasound Calibration through Deep Learning/Convolutional Networks Supervisor: Rüdiger Göbl
Sebastian Löwe BA kick-off: Feeling the Future-Theory Supervisor: Maximilian Baust
Magdalini Paschali MA kick-off: Learning to augment smartly with GANs Supervisor: Sailesh Conjeti
Andrei Costinescu BA kick-off: Deep CNN-RNN Composite Architectures for Analysis of Endoscopic Videos Contact person: Sailesh Conjeti
Victor Oancea BA kick-off: Development of a Structured Light 3D Scanner on a Projector-Camera System Contact person: Federico Tombari
Atanas Mirchev IDP kick-off: Low-dimensional encodings of spatio-temporal sensor data from the vestibular system using deep neural networks Supervisor: Ahmad Ahmadi
Amelia Jimenez Sanchez MA kick-off: Weakly-Supervised Anomaly Detection assisted by Attention Models Contact person: Shadi Albarqouni
MOVED TO...2017-07-07 Sara Hajmohammadalitorkabadi MA kick-off: Sparse Data Reconstruction and its Application in Spherical Computational Sonography Supervisor: Christoph Hennersperger
Mario Roser MA kick-off: Sensor System Development for Measuring and/or Characterizing Surgical Drain Fluid Output Contact person: Christoph Hennersperger
Faisal Kalim MA kick-off: 3D Reconstruction from Fluorescent Imaging Contact person: Christoph Hennersperger
Sebastian Raquena Witzig MA kick-off: Optimal planning and data acquisition for robotic ultrasound-guided spinal needle injection Contact person: Christoph Hennersperger
Matthias Kuehne MA kick-off: Skeleton-shaped LSTMs for hand pose estimation Supervisor: Federico Tombari
Sanjeev Kumar MA kick-off: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Self Driving Vehicles Contact person: Federico Tombari
Stefan Floeren MA kick-off: Vision-based Scene Segmentation, Object Modeling and Object Detection for ROS-based Mobile Robotic Pick and Place Application Contact person: Federico Tombari
Moritz Oettle, Stephan Dreyer IDP final: Surface Matching Based Registration for Radiotherapy Interventions Contact person: Francisco Pinto
Helisa Dhamo MA final: Depth Prediction from Structured Light using a Fully Convolutional Neural Network Contact person: Federico Tombari
Thomas Blocher MA final: Camera Based Object Verification using Deep Networks Supervisor: Federico Tombari
Pratiksha Jain and Priya Goel IDP final: Deep Tissue Characterization: Applications in Intravascular Ultrasound Supervisor: Sailesh Conjeti
Udo Dehm MA kick-off: Deep Intrinsic Image Decomposition Contact person: Christian Rupprecht
Nathalia Spier MA kick-off: Abnormality Detection for Cardiac Polar Maps Contact person: Maximilian Baust
Stephan Dreyer BA kick-off: Improving Hand Occlusion Handling for a Mixed-Reality Medical Training Environment Contact person: Ulrich Eck
Aljaz Bozic MA final: Visual SLAM in Highly Dynamic Environments Contact person: Federico Tombari
Antoine Saporta IDP kick-off: Collision Detection for the Robot-Assisted Operating Room Contact person: Ralf Stauder
2017-06-02 Peter Zechel Invited Talk: Invited talk on new Ph.D student with Daimler and HS Kempten Contact person: Federico Tombari
Amit Pandita IDP kick-off: Semi-supervised Lesion Localization in Mammography images with Image Level Annotation Supervisor: Abhijit Guha Roy
Subash Thapa MA kick-off: Early diagnosis of Parkinsonism using Deep Convolutional Nets Contact person: Abhijit Guha Roy
Maria Tirindelli MA kick-off: Catheter tracking in 3D Ultrasound with fully convolutional neural networks Supervisor: Rüdiger Göbl
Fang Yuan MA kick-off: Vehicle tracking with poly-line models using laser scanner data Supervisor: Federico Tombari
Fabian Manhardt MA final: Single-Shot 2D object detection and 6D pose estimation Contact person: Federico Tombari
Simon Schlegel MA kick-off: 2D object modeling for mobile robotics with LiDAR? scanners Supervisor: Federico Tombari
Juan Jose Gonzalez MA kick-off: Real-time large scale SLAM from sparse data Contact person: Federico Tombari
Nan Liu MA kick-off: Robust outlier detection for webly-supervised image classification and action recognition Contact person: Federico Tombari
Antonio Miguel Luque González MA kick-off: Full color surgical 3D printed tractography Supervisor: Christoph Hennersperger
2014-05-12 Phalgun Chowdhary Chintala MA kick-off: Deep Learning for Spine Detection and Tagging in Longitudinal Neuron Imaging Contact person: Sailesh Conjeti
Hamad Mahdi MA kick-off: Neuromorphic vision sensors Contact person: Maximilian Baust
Theodor Lindner IDP kick-off: Development of a Multi-Kinect Framework for distributed Magic Mirror applications Supervisor: Felix Bork
2017-04-28 Dominik Drexler MA kick-off: Development of an image processing software component to detect moving objects in image sequences Contact person: Federico Tombari
Marat Seroglazov MA kick-off: Weakly supervised semantic segmentation via multiple hypothesis prediction Contact person: Federico Tombari
Alexander Mueller BA kick-off: Medical Volume Rendering on HoloLens Supervisor: Ulrich Eck
Homa Rasoulipainroudposhti MA final: Semi-Supervised Classification of Hematopoietic Stem Cells Using Deep Learning Contact person: Tingying Peng
Sean Monks Invited Talk: Introduction "Monks Ärzte-im-Netz GmbH" Contact person: Maximilian Baust
Gerda Bortsova MA final: Automatic Detection of Intracranial Calcifications Contact person: Tingying Peng
Magdalini Paschali IDP final: Robust Multiple Instance Hashing for Image Retrieval Supervisor: Sailesh Conjeti
Deepa Gunasekhar MA final: Deep Learning for Cross-modality Synthesis Contact person: Sailesh Conjeti
Alexander Winkler IDP kick-off: Development and Construction of a Video-See-Through Head-Mounted Display for Medical Applications Contact person: Ulrich Eck
Manish Mishra MA final: Quantifying Structural Heterogeneity of Healthy and Cancerous Mitochondria using a Combined Segmentation and Classification USK-net Contact person: Tingying Peng
Hyuk Song MA kick-off: Deep Neural Network hand pose estimation for smart interaction in Augmented Reality Environments Contact person: Felix Bork
Nils Schwenzfeier MA final: MRI 3D structure and texture analysis of tumour tissue in breast and prostate cancer patients Supervisor: Stephan Nekolla
Thiemo Taube MA final: Robotic Acquisition for Advanced 3D Reconstruction of Doppler Ultrasound Supervisor: Oliver Zettinig
2017-02-17 Aljaž Božič MA kick-off: Visual SLAM in Highly Dynamic Environments Supervisor: Federico Tombari
Adrian Thiesen BA kick-off: Quality Assurance Framework for Desired Views Evaluation Supervisor: Ulrich Eck
Julius Imbery IDP final: 3D Reconstruction of Stereo Endoscopy Videos Supervisor: Maximilian Baust
Mohamed Ahmed MA final: Improving the usability of a planning system for optimal positioning of Angiographic C-Arms Supervisor: Ulrich Eck
Theodor Lindner IDP kick-off: Development of a Multi-Kinect Framework for distributed Magic Mirror applications Supervisor: Felix Bork
Suhanyaa Nitkunanantharajah MA kick-off: Seamless stitching for 4D opto-acoustic imaging Supervisor: Christoph Hennersperger
Wei Ni MA kick-off: Detection of Complex Stents in Live Fluoroscopic Images for Endovascular Aneurysm Repair Contact person: Shadi Albarqouni
2017-01-20 Jonas Joachimmeyer BA final: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Framework for Vertebroplasty Simulation Contact person: Philipp Stefan
Hasan Sarah MA final: Deeply learned 3D point cloud local descriptors Contact person: Slobodan Ilic
Großer Hörsaal,
Klinikum Innenstadt
Mahmoud Khalil MA final: Learning 3D pose using Convolutional Neural Networks Contact person: Federico Tombari
Markus Schlaffer MA kick-off: Robust Depth based Head Pose Estimation for Hyperloop Augmented Windows Contact person: Federico Tombari
Christoph Ihrke MA final: Optimization Strategies for Bilateral Telerobotic Ultrasound Contact person: Marco Esposito
Alexander Gerbl & Markus Engel MA final: Development of a Gaming-Platform for AR based radiology education Supervisor: Felix Bork
Patrick Ruhkamp MA kick-off: Monocular Reconstruction and Tracking in non-rigid Environments Supervisor: Benjamin Busam
Andrea Avigni MA kick-off: Learning to detect good image features Supervisor: Federico Tombari
Imran Mashood Badshah MA final: Optical Myography Using Convolutional Neural Networks For Estimating Finger Poses Contact person: Wadim Kehl

Older events can be found in the archive.

Title: Computer Aided Medical Procedures and Augmented Reality
Professor: Nassir Navab
Tutors: Staff
Type: Oberseminar
Information: CAMPAR-Oberseminar
Term: 2015WiSe

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