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Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

Oberseminar: Computer Aided Medical Procedures and Augmented Reality

Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab

Weekly meeting

Friday, 10:30am in MI 03.13.010

The seminar takes place continuously (also during the semester break). In order to arrange a talk, please register through our Oberseminar Anmeldeformular. This can only be done by the project supervisors.

Talk Duration

The following table gives hard times in minutes for the duration of talks.

Type Intro Final
Talk Discussion Talk Discussion
DA / MA 10 5 20 10
BA 10 5 20 10
SEP 10 5 15-20 10
IDP 10 5 15-20 10
HiWi 10 5 20 10


Date Presentors Topic Further information
2019-03-01 Tobias Czempiel MA final: Real-time 3D Human Pose Estimation with a single RGB-camera for Screen-based Augmented Reality Supervisor: Felix Bork
Ahmed Ayyad IDP final: Meta-Learning in Medical Imaging Supervisor: Shadi Albarqouni
George Tzannetos MA final: Augmented Reality Data Generation for Deep Learning based Lane Detection Supervisor: Markus Herb
Sharru Möller MA final: Visual Explanations in Visual Question Answering Models Supervisor: Iro Laina
Marat Seroglazov MA final: Weakly supervised semantic segmentation via multiple hypothesis prediction Supervisor: Iro Laina
2018-02-22 Can Giracoglu MA final: Automatic Headlight Range Estimation for Autonomous Vehicles Contact person: Federico Tombari
MOVED TO...2019-01-18 Fernanda Levy Langsch MA final: CLEVAR: Catheter Localization for Endovascular Aneurysm Repair Supervisor: Salvatore Virga
René Birkeland IDP final: Guided Attention Segmentation Networks Contact person: Hasan Sarhan
Abhijeet Parida MA kick-off: Few Shot Techniques for Semantic Segmentation of Medical Multi Organ Images Contact person: Arianne Tran
Tabea Schießl MA final: Development and evaluation of a Mixed Reality-based posture and balance rehabilitation application for stroke patients patientnts Supervisor: Felix Bork
Shayan Ahmad Siddiqui MA kick-off: Few-Shot Segmentation for Volumetric scans Contact person: Abhijit Guha Roy
Stefano Gasperini IDP kick-off: Evaluating the robustness of weigth-constrained deep neural networks Supervisor: Magda Paschali
Gloria Zörnack MA kick-off: Medical Volume Rendering in WebVR? for Cardiology Applications Contact person: Jakob Weiss
2018-12-14 Manuel Nickel MA final: Deep Learning Driven Dense Correspondence Matching of Human Bodies from Depth Maps Supervisor: Helisa Dhamo
Thomas Hartmann MA final: Optimized Model Based Reconstruction for Handheld Optoacoustic Tomography Contact person: Shadi Albarqouni
Christopher Heumann BA final: Fully Convolutional Networks for Drivable Area Segmentation Contact person: Federico Tombari
Abhishek Rana MA kick-off: Adversarial Data Augmentation Techniques for Skin Lesion Classifiers Supervisor: Christoph Baur
Thomas Schmid MA final: 3D Bounding Box Prediction from RGB and LiDAR? Data Using 2D Proposals Contact person: Iro Laina
Joe Bedard IDP final: Distributed Cooperative SLAM for Inside-Out Tracking of Surgical Needles Supervisor: Patrick Ruhkamp
Tomas Bartipan MA kick-off: Visual planning system for robotic subretinal injection Supervisor: Jakob Weiss
CAMP Coffee    
Abu-Mohammed Raisuddin MA kick-off: Adversarial Random Feature Embedding for Fully Convolutional Networks Supervisor: Christoph Baur
Maximilian Stocker MA final: Contextual Perimetry - A qualitative evaluation of different environments and strategies in HMD Perimetry Supervisor: Ulrich Eck
Richard Voigt IDP final: Instrument Detection from External Cameras in the Operating Room Supervisor: Ralf Stauder
Tobias Valinski BA kick-off: Deep Reinforcement Learning Simulation for Path Planning Supervisor: Mahdi Saleh
Max Heimbrock BA kick-off: Using Hand-Tracking Glove for 3D User Interaction in Microsoft Hololens Applications Contact person: Alexander Winkler
Christine Eilers MA kick-off: Collaborative Robotic Intelligent-ultrasound Servoing with Sensorial Interaction Supervisor: Javier Esteban
Vera Hug MA final: Surface Element Prediction with Neural Networks for SLAM Applications Contact person: Federico Tombari
Ahmed Ayyad IDP kick-off: Meta-Learning in Medical Imaging Supervisor: Shadi Albarqouni
Helge Hecht MA kick-off: Quantitative Exploration of Intra-Tumoral Heterogeneity Contact person: Beatrice Demiray
Ahmed El-Gazzar MA final: Uncertainty-Driven Active Learning in Deep Hybrid Models Supervisor: Shadi Albarqouni
Agnieszka Tomczak MA kick-off: Uncertainty in Deep Learning for Medical Application Supervisor: Shadi Albarqouni
Stevica Bozhinoski MA final: Deep Learning Methods for Soft Tissue Segmentation in Ultrasound Brain Imaging Contact person: Beatrice Demiray
Alexander Koenig BA final: Visualization of Complex Bone Fractures in Augmented Reality during Reduction Surgery Contact person: Alexander Winkler
Robert Graf IDP final: A generic framework for segmenting and evaluating brain pathologies Contact person: Christoph Baur
Yunus Emre Caliskan MA final: Lightweight CNNs for Object Detection Using Vector Quantization Supervisor: Federico Tombari
Alessandro Berlati MA final: Ambiguity in Recurrent Models Contact person: Federico Tombari
Edward Cornelius Krubasik MA final: Class-Level Object Detection and Pose Estimation from a Single RGB Image Contact person: Federico Tombari
Luca Alessandro Dombetzki BA final: Deep Learning for Tool Detection and Tracking in Microsurgery Contact person: Hasan Sarhan
2019-11-05 Yoav Schneider
15:30 at Narvis
BA final: A System for Improving Vision of People with Nystagmus when Using Computers through Retinal Image Stabilization Supervisor: Ulrich Eck
2018-10-05 Sukanya Raju IDP final: Explainability of Artificial Intelligence (XAI): Taxonomy Contact person: Shadi Albarqouni
Muneer Ahmad Dedmari MA final: Complex Fully Convolutional Networks for MRI Compression and Reconstruction Contact person: Sailesh Conjeti
Ardit Ramadani MA final: Active Ultrasound Tool Tracking Supervisor: Rüdiger Göbl
Yasaman Rajaee IDP final: Multi-Task Adversarial Attacks Supervisor: Vasileios Belagiannis
Ishmeet Kaur MA final: Learning to Segment with Missing Annotation Contact person: Abhijit Guha Roy
Isabel Ottmann IDP final: Rigid 3D image registration of neurodendritic spine Contact person: Stefanie Demirci
Rene Birkeland IDP kick-off: Guided Attention Segmentation Networks Contact person: Hasan Sarhan
Ahmed El-Gazzar MA kick-off: Active Learning in Deep Hybrid Models Supervisor: Shadi Albarqouni
Peter Maier BA final: Early Detection of ERP Indicators for Developmental Dyslexia Using Predictive Analytics Supervisor: Christian Wachinger
2018-09-21 Armin Woerner MA kick-off: Importance-Based Monte Carlo Volume Raycasting Supervisor: Jakob Weiss
Ruiqi Gong MA kick-off: A Dynamic & Temporally Constrained Local Motion Model for Robust Feature Matching Supervisor: Patrick Ruhkamp
Wassim Gabriel MA final: Planning and outcome prediction of Selective Internal Radiotherapy Contact person: Francisco Pinto
Moustafa AboulAtta MA kick-off: Privacy Preserving AI: Accommodating Deep Learning to Homomorphic Encryption Supervisor: Seyed-Ahmad Ahmadi?
Sharru Möller MA kick-off: Visual Explanations in Visual Question Answering Models Contact person: Iro Laina
Johann Frei MA kick-off: Predictive Diffeomorphic Registration and Manifold Learning Supervisor: Seyed-Ahmad Ahmadi?
Matthias Grimm MA final: Computer-assisted anterior segment surgery using intraoperative Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Supervisor: Hessam Roodaki
Liesa Weigert MA final: Deep Neural Nets for Pelvic Organ Segmentation in Multi-Parametric MRI Supervisor: Beatrice Demiray (Lentes)?
Ekaterina Kanaeva MA kick-off: Intraoperative Ophthalmic Scene Reconstruction for surgical AR Contact person: Jakob Weiss
Ivan Shugurov IDP final: Medical Augmented Reality with MRI Holograms on HoloLens? Contact person: Ulrich Eck
Linh Tran MA final: Implementation of Resting State fMRI Functional Connectivity Analysis for the Mapping of Functional Brain Networks in Neurosurgery Treatment Planning Supervisor: Christoph Hennersperger
Yafei Gao MA final: variational 3d grasping hand joints estimation with metric learning Contact person: Federico Tombari
Matthias Kühne MA final: Tracking a Manipulating Human Hand Using a Single RGB-D Camera Contact person: Federico Tombari
Tabea Schießl MA kick-off: Development and evaluation of a Mixed Reality-based posture and balancerehabilitation application for stroke patients Supervisor: Felix Bork
Shayan Ahmad Siddiqui IDP final: Serving pytorch models via Web: Application to Whole brain and retinal OCT segmentation Contact person: Abhijit Guha Roy

Older events can be found in the archive.

Title: Computer Aided Medical Procedures and Augmented Reality
Professor: Nassir Navab
Tutors: Staff
Type: Oberseminar
Information: CAMPAR-Oberseminar
Term: 2003WiSe

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