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Lehrstuhl für Informatikanwendungen in der Medizin & Augmented Reality

Oberseminar: Computer Aided Medical Procedures and Augmented Reality

Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab

Weekly meeting

Friday, 10:30am in MI 03.13.010

The seminar takes place continuously (also during the semester break). In order to arrange a talk, please register through our Oberseminar Anmeldeformular. This can only be done by the project supervisors.

Talk Duration

The following table gives hard times in minutes for the duration of talks.

Type Intro Final
Talk Discussion Talk Discussion
DA / MA 10 5 20 10
BA 10 5 20 10
SEP 10 5 15-20 10
IDP 10 5 15-20 10
HiWi 10 5 20 10


Date Presentors Topic Further information
2019-10-04 Stefan Walke MA kick-off: Automatic CT Classification and Segmentation of Bone Cement after Osteoplasty for Therapy Optimization Contact person: Thomas Wendler
2019-09-13 Granit Bimbashi MA kick-off: Dynamic Volume Estimation of Bone Cement during Vertebroplasty for Therapy Optimization Contact person: Thomas Wendler
2019-09-06 HyunJun Jung MA kick-off: Light-weight 6D Pose Tracking with Reinforcement Learning Supervisor: Benjamin Busam
Christina Bukas MA kick-off: Estimation of Vertebral Bodies prior to Fracture Damage using Generative Models Contact person: Thomas Wendler
Sebastian Lutz MA kick-off: Automatic Segmentation of MR Spinal Images Using Knowledge Transfer from CT Contact person: Thomas Wendler
Peter Mortimer MA final: 3D Instances from a single RGB Image Contact person: Federico Tombari
Mayar Kamali BA final: Modeling uncertainty using Monte-Carlo Dropout for Proximal Femur Fractures Supervisor: Shadi Albarqouni
Ricardo Smits MA final: GANFormer: Exploring GANs for Ultrasound Reconstruction Contact person: Walter Simson
2019-07-26 Nikola Mirchev BA kick-off: Intraoperative Guidance for Robotic Eye Surgery Supervisor: Jakob Weiss
Maria Martin MA kick-off: Weakly Supervised Learning for Fundus Image Analysis Supervisor: Hasan Sarhan?
MOVED TO...2019-07-25 Maxime Kayser BA final: Addressing Artefact-Related Image Challenges In Automated Polyp Detection Contact person: Roger Soberanis-Mukul?
2019-07-12 Björn-Aljoscha Kullmann IDP kick-off: Computer-assisted Assessment of Technical Competency in Surgical Simulation: Vertebroplasty Supervisor: Philipp Stefan
Mykola Odnoshyvkin IDP kick-off: Teleaugmented Craniectomy (AR) Contact person: Philipp Stefan
Farid Yagubbayli IDP kick-off: Teleaugmented Craniectomy (VR) Contact person: Philipp Stefan
Thursday 10:00
MI 03.13.008
Michael Wechner BA kick-off: Real Time Refinement of Point Clouds from fixed Depth-Camera Arrays Supervisor: Ulrich Eck
Reza Roustaei Khoshkbijari BA kick-off: Integrating Outside-In Tracking to Improve Real-to-Virtual Object Registration with HoloLens Supervisor: Alejandro Martin Gomez
Ghazal Ghazaei MA final: Surgical Workflow Recognition for Cataract Surgery (Uncertainty under Scrutiny) Supervisor: Shadi Albarqouni
Mehreen Zubair MA kick-off: Analysis of Disentangled Representation Learning in Generative Models Contact person: Shadi Albarqouni
Mina Sedra MA kick-off: Rigid 3D image stitching for thyroid Contact person: Matthias Keicher
Mohammadamin Barekatain MA kick-off: Meta-Learning by Aggregating Policies in Heterogeneous Environmental Dynamics Supervisor: Iro Laina
Žiga Špiclin Invited Talk: The process of imaging biomarker development: from image segmentation to error modeling for quantification of white matter lesions Contact person: Shadi Albarqouni
2019-07-05 Janis Postel MA final: Sampling-free Epistemic Uncertainty Estimation in Deep Neural Networks Contact person: Huseyin Coskun
Anil Sönmez MA final: Transfer Learning for Deep Reinforcement Learning through Visual Domain Adaptation Supervisor: Torsten Schoen?
Karl Schulz MA final: Attribution by Information measurement Supervisor: Leon Sixt?
Dorel Comaniciu MA final: 3D Semantic Reconstruction from a Single RGB Image and Sparse Depth Contact person: Joanna Wald?
Kevin Strauss MA kick-off: Attention-based Semantically Consistent Synthetic to Real Domain Adaptation Contact person: Federico Tombari
Dr. Susann Beier Invited Talk: The Coronary Atlas Contact person: Guillaume Zahnd
2019-06-21 Stefano Gasperini MA kick-off: Deinterleaving and Clustering of Radar Signals Supervisor: Magda Paschali
Soham Mazumder MA kick-off: Federated Learning for Medical Applications Contact person: Magda Paschali
Paolo Notaro MA kick-off: Robust Classification of Radar Signals Supervisor: Magda Paschali
Christine Eilers MA final: Collaborative Robotic Ultrasound Servoing with Feedback-based Interaction Supervisor: Javier Esteban
Tobias Valinski BA final: Deep Reinforcement Learning Simulation for Robotic Navigation Supervisor: Mahdi Saleh
Claudio Benedetti IDP kick-off: Deep Learning Based Medical Tool Detection for the Use on a Head-Mounted-Display Contact person: Alexander Winkler
Robert Graf BA kick-off: Exploring CycleGANs? for Anomaly Detection in Brain MRI Supervisor: Christoph Baur
Henri Rößler IDP kick-off: Comparison of static and dynamic graph neural networks for sepsis and pre-septic shock prediction. Contact person: Gerome Vivar
Alessandro Fagnani MA kick-off: Transfer Learning for Intraoperative OCT Layer Segmentation Contact person: Jakob Weiss
Danielle Pace Invited Talk: Whole heart segmentation in congenital heart disease by learning iterative segmentation Contact person: Shadi Albarqouni
Juliane Aulbach IDP kick-off: 3D Valid Pose Estimation using joint-angle limits Contact person: Leslie Casas
Ivan Shugurov MA final: Precise 6 DoF pose estimation with dense correspondences Contact person: Sergey Zakharov
Yehya Abouelnaga IDP kick-off: Camera Localization in Medical Environments Contact person: Mai Bui
Abhishek Rana MA final: Adversarial Data Augmentation Techniques for Skin Lesion Classifiers Supervisor: Christoph Baur
Eduardo Prado MA kick-off: Deep-learning high-dynamic-range ultrasound Supervisor: Guillaume Zahnd
Tomas Bartipan MA final: Visual planning system for robotic subretinal injection Supervisor: Jakob Weiss
Thomas Lapotre MA final: Semantic-Aware Synthetic to Real Domain Adaptation Contact person: Federico Tombari
Mihai Baltac MA final: Object-wise image change detection in consecutively changing images Supervisor: Huseyin Coskun
Taha Emre IDP final: Adversarial Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Eye-pupil tracking Supervisor: Seyed-Ahmad Ahmadi?
Johann Frei MA final: Deformable Image Registration using Deep Learning and Manifold Learning Supervisor: Seyed-Ahmad Ahmadi?
Shyam Srinivasan MA kick-off: Optimization of short-pulsed and high-energy laser diode driver for fast multispectral optoacoustic endoscopy Contact person: Beatrice Demiray
Muhammad Arsalan MA kick-off: Robust and Accurate Heart-Rate Sensing using mm-wave Radar Contact person: Beatrice Demiray
Wednesday 11:00
Stefano Gasperini IDP final: 3DQ: Compact Quantized Neural Networks for Volumetric Whole Brain Segmentation Supervisor: Magda Paschali
Desislava Dimova MA kick-off: Multimodal thyroid volumetry Contact person: Thomas Wendler

Older events can be found in the archive.

Title: Computer Aided Medical Procedures and Augmented Reality
Professor: Nassir Navab
Tutors: Staff
Type: Oberseminar
Information: CAMPAR-Oberseminar
Term: 2003WiSe

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